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Join the growing list of Artists Against Arizona's SB1070

As the editor of Absent Cause zine, I want to invite my fellow zinesters to join in this important protest and boycott of Arizona's racist, anti-immigrant law SB1070. Please consider adding your name to the list of endorsers and voicing your opposition to the law in the next issue of your zine.


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Join the Growing List of Artists Against Arizona's SB1070


To sign-on and endorse this campaign as an organization, group or individual, please send your name, title/affiliation, city and state to artistsagainstarizona@yahoo.com

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Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona’s SB1070

as of  5/9/2010
Absent Cause zine, Brooklyn, NY

Andria Alefhi, creator of  the zine We'll Never Have Paris, NY, NY
Annalise Ophelian, Psy.D., Director/Producer, Diagnosing Difference, Floating Ophelia Productions, LLC
ArtAndStruggle.Com, Artist & Activist Collective
Auggie Kennedy, Chico, CA

Bernard J. Tarver, Actor/Writer, Member: AFTRA/AEA/SAG, New York, NY
Bet Power, Director & Curator, Sexual Minorities Archives, National collection of LGBTI literature, history, and art
Deirdre Sinnott, Writer, New York, NY
Heather Cottin, Singer, Activist with the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, Freeport, NY
Ignacio G. Rivera, Poly Patao Productions, Brooklyn, NY
Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer, Brooklyn, NY
Jaimie Hashey, Editor and Writer of ButtRagMag, Musician with Burglepig
Jules Rosskam, Artist/Educator/Activist, Brooklyn, NY
Khalil Khan, Movement in Motion
Laura Schleifer, Writer/Theater Artist, New York, NY
Mental Notes - Hip Hop Fusion Band
Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union, Syracuse, NY
Nomy Lamm, Writer/Musician, San Francisco, CA
Shelley Ettinger, Writer, Queens, NY
Spiritchild, Founder of Movement in Motion, Artist & Activist collective
StormMiguel Florez, Musician, Performer, Producer, San Francisco, CA
Tha Truth, Political Hip Hop Artist, Philadelphia, PA
Tobi Vail, Olympia, WA
Viktoria Valenzuela, Founder of The Fresh Ink Poets and Writers, Oswego, NY
Vondora Jordan, Singer/Writer, Harlem, NYYK Hong, Artist, Freedom Trainers, Brooklyn, NY
Zeraph Moore, Organizer, Bangor Media Collective, Bangor, ME


Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 Statement


We believe, the decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to sign into law the poorly conceived immigration measure SB1070, marks a new low in the fight to protect civil liberties in The United States. This law allows any officer of the law at the state, county, or city level in Arizona to determine the legal immigration status of anyone at anytime, among other provisions, including making it a crime to be in Arizona illegally.


Millions of people everywhere believe it will lead to rampant racial profiling, particularly against people of Latino/a heritage. President Obama has called it "misguided." Furthermore, immigration is a national issue and the state of Arizona has no constitutional role in determining who has legal status in this country.


We are calling on members of the worldwide artistic community—whether visual, performing, literary or other discipline—to boycott the state of Arizona in opposition to this unjust legislation, for as long as it remains on the books. We ask artists to not perform, produce, present, appear or conduct business in Arizona so that lawmakers there understand that the rest of the country disapproves, so they will feel the economic impact of their bad decision. We call on talent agents, managers, publicists, unions and associations to also support this effort and the artists they represent who choose to join.


We also call on fans and supporters of the arts to contact their favorite performers and artists and encourage them to participate in this boycott. Fans can also show their support for the boycott by writing to Arizona Governor Brewer, and by supporting their favorite artists when they make appearances in other states.


The artistic community has a natural role to play in commenting and responding to social issues. Now more than ever the time is right to act. 


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I think it's a damn shame to punish the people in Arizona who like these folks art just because of a ridiculous law their state passed. I'd never my punish my fans (if i had them) because of something their state did.
Signing a petition? Great. Speaking out against the law? Great. Boycotting Arizona? I'm not so sure.
Arizona needs art more than anything else right now. It needs graffiti on the walls, it NEEDS performance art, it needs poems and zines. Boycott the companies who support this, boycott the money that backs these politicians, but you can't boycott the whole fucking state.

ps, it's up to people in Arizona to demand an end to this law if they, in fact, don't want it.
Okay, so let's sit on our hands and do nothing! Good plan.

Actually, some groups are planning to organize Freedom Summer-style trips to support the people of Arizona who are fighting back against the law. I'm sure there will be plenty of zining, music, graffiti and other stuff going on to nourish people in their struggle. So y'all are going to be in the thick of that -- RIGHT?

What we're talking about here is asking money-making ventures not to patronize Arizona business and government, just as happened when people were fighting to force the state to recognize Martin Luther King Day 20 years ago.
No one said to do nothing.

I think Billy said what I was thinking pretty well. If anything, the people of Arizona need those artists right now.
it's a tricky subject, in a lot of ways. i'm totally against the bill. But i understand what the supporters of it say. that there is crime, that there are kidnappings, that there are drugs, that there are lots of illegal aliens doing lots of bad things. I get all that. this isn't the way to fix it, though. i don't support the bill.

and since this is a capitalistic nation, using money (or withholding money) is the most effective way of voting.

The problem is, this bill in and of itself will destroy arizona's economy. And lots of people are calling for various boycotts to drive that point further, to really let everyone know that they won't stand for this bill. I get that. I'm from Chicago, and the Cubs practice in Arizona, so they've been talking here about possibly changing that. (we have a huge latino population).

I understand boycotting. But maybe I'm unclear on what you'd want artists to do or not do. There are a lot of good, hardworking people in Arizona who don't like the bill who still want to make money. I don't know, it's all tricky. But power to the people. I'm moving to New Mexico in a couple months, and I certainly don't want similar laws popping up in other states. Needs to be stopped right away.
Yes, sign on!



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