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Is/does anyone else have issues with Pioneer's Press?

I ordered a package deal (only to give/support them) and got a random assortment of zines (only 2 of which I actually ordered). They said that one zine was out of stock but it was still on the site as 'in stock'. If they were a 'real' (as in mainstream/brick and morter) store I would have called the Better Business associations  and reported them - as it is in no way acceptable for a business to take your money then send you a bunch of random stuff you didn't order. They also send over personalized email and notes - like, we aren't friends - be professional - but that just bothers me personally.

I don't care to hear from them directly on this - as they have 'explained' and I finally did receive all of the items that I ordered. I've ordered another thing from them and included in check out a statement to the effect of 'if you don't have this, give me back my money' - which is a weird thing to HAVE to do for a BUSINESS!

What are other people's real experiences in ordering from them?

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If you got the things you ordered, I don't understand why you're upset...

it's unfortunately really tough to keep a zine distro website properly updated as far as what's in stock and what isn't.  usually "In Stock" means there are 2 or 3 copies laying around.  If they get 3 orders in the same week for the same zine, that might take all the stock.  I know it sounds like an excuse, and it is.  I cut distros a bit of slack because I used to do a distro.  It's always a good idea to either list alternatives, or say "if you don't have it in stock, send it when it's in, or send me back the money," or whatever  you prefer.  Most distros try their best to make the customer happy, but every customer wants something else.  Me?  I'd rather get random zines than half my order and half my money back.  Everyone is different.

as for the "too personal" notes and emails, I think most people actually enjoy that.  it makes the zine world different than the "regular" world.  But it's a good point, and something for PP to consider.

yeah, it's an odd experience to an outsider to the zine world, i suppose. i never really thought about it in those terms before. but everything billy da bunny says is true.  in zine-land, this is absolutely normal etiquette. a sad miscommunication, it sounds like.  zines aren't exactly a business. never really have been. that's the charm (or the frustration...)



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