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ZineWiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press. ZineWiki is the largest resource on the Web related to zines, but it still needs your help!

Is there an article on your zine on ZineWiki?
Does it feature it's cover?
Do your favorite zines of all time have an article on them?
Or is there no article on that cool local zine you loved growing up, but not a lot of people might remember?

Please consider contributing to ZineWiki, even if it's just a minor edit with some updated info, a cover scan or two, or an article/page for your favorite zine. While there are thousands of zines, zinesters and zine resources already in the Wiki, I don't think even 1/3rd of the zine world/zine history is represented yet. For more information or to check it out, go to:


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Awesome Catherine!

Catherine Elms said:

I wrote about Zine Wiki on the zine review blog I edit: http://zinewiki.com/Spill_the_Zines


Also, during a bout of procrastination, I created ZineWiki pages for the following zines this weekend:

Lisa W / Sometimes I'm Dreaming

Hannah W / Not Lonely

Fight Boredom zine / Fight Boredom distro

Fluxxii distro

Sympathy for the Strawberry

Pandora Press

Is anyone having problems editing entries today?  I've been slowly adding info about my zines over the last couple of days - all was fine this morning, but since this afternoon, every time I try to save a new page or edit an existing page, this message is displayed: "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still does not work, try logging out and logging back in."


Is it just me, or is anyone else having similar problems?  I have tried logging out and back in, restarting computer, using a different browser etc but nothing is making any difference.  Now I'm just hoping it might sort itself out overnight...

Looks like the glitch resolved itself overnight. :)

thanks for this :D


but i cant seem to get in :(

There are no current problems logging into ZineWiki, but like with all servers, problems happen occasionally. Most of the login probs have been with people forgetting their user name or password, rather than on the server end. If you can't log in, you may try hitting the request button on the log in page to get your password resent to you or try creating a new account. Thanks!

the problem isnt that i cant log in the problem is that the website wont show up LOL


Huh, can't help you there, it shows up fine for me and I can log in and edit on it.



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