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Hi all. I've just joined and not sure whether I qualify to be here or not. I'm in the process of promoting a novel that I've recently co-written. Please have a look in at My Page and tell me if I'm in the right place. I can easily adapt and turn everything that I do into Zinester fashion. If not, don't worry -- it didn't take long to knock my page up and it will take even less to knock it down. Here's a photo of myself and Elfreda, my writing partner. If you ever take the time to visit our Home Page you will find some amazing facts of how this story and it's eventual imminent publication all came about.

In the meantime, here is a copy of what the book cover will look like when it becomes published in February of 2009. It's not long now and I'm in the position where I need to interact and comment, help and support others in my quest to bring awareness about "The Meadow".

However, if I've made the right move, then perhaps all you good folk can go about educating me what is best to do here for the benefit of all.

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I guess the first thing I might suggest, although I have to admit I might be a little put off if somebody suggested it to me, is check out "Zine" on Wikipedia. That might answer some of your questions.

I don't fault you for promoting your book. It sounds like you and your partner have poured your heart and soul into it. We zinesters should be the first to admit to have some healthy egos ourselves and to proudly announce our own latest creations.

But I'm not *quite* sure from your introduction if you truly are either a zinester, a zinophile, or have the nascent qualities to become either (which doesn't mean by any means that you're not a great person).

You see, a zinester, a zinophile, or both, must burn with an inner fever of longing for old post offices and p.o. boxes full of crudely addressed envelopes and tattered "self-mailers", hand-scrawled or manual-typewritten, full of mesmerizing and rousing rants and raves and contact addresses or all kinds of things to delight and stimulate. Some zinophiles are into ideas, some art, some....who knows. But I would hazard to say that we're all SNAIL MAIL JUNKIES.

If this is an addiction you think you can truly acquire and bring to fever pitch, and never shake, then by all means, you belong here. (Not that I have any legitimate say in it).

But read the Wikipedia article when you get a chance. I, and I hope others, will answer any questions you have.

Good luck with THE MEADOW.

Hi Mike;
I think that is a question that you would have to answer for yourself, but I have a few others that you may want to think about. Are you here to exchange zines with other members of this site? Are you interested in reading what they have written? Do you get excited when little photocopied booklets show up in your mail? Are you willing to send people copies of your book, or portions of it in exchange for their zines? Are you here primarily because you want people to buy copies of your book?

I think there are zine related sites that promote self published and small press books. Perhaps some of the more experienced members here can point you towards some of them.

Good luck with the book release.
Many thanks for putting me straight. I don't confess to being an old-forgotten letter hoarder or a keeper of ancient manuscripts etc. However, I do have a fetish for old comics although I'm not a collector. Perhaps you'll allow me to stick around for a while and blog about some of the nostalgic things which are a part of my agenda. In turn I'll try to respond to some of the members' blogs if I can understand them lol. Maybe my input will add a bit of a slant on things and help to broaden the context of this very nice site.

Here's the first excuse for someone to respond in the way of enlightening me and, at the same time, contributing more material here. Over to you.



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