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Have there been any court decisions that define what is and isn't a fanzine?  I do a media fanzine.  There's a copyright Nazi who has stated he will prosecute those who try to "commercially exploit" works on a specific TV show.  Hw has also stated that he will not prosecute fanzines.


If there's no specific legal status, what would all of you mark as the border between a fanzine and a non-fanzine?

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Probably whether or not you make a profit from it, or the intention with which you're making the zine is to make money from it or through wanting to talk about th eTV show in question though the love of it.
I am just popping in to say, as some random dude commenting as something that wasn't the point of your post, that I'd really prefer we didn't use "Nazi" to refer to people who aren't complicit in the deaths of 11 million people and the suffering of countless more. It's frequent use denigrating feminists doesn't help. I suggest "fascist" as an alternative. It comes with a lot less specific baggage.



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