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International Zine Month 2012! What are your plans?

So, what are your plans?

I'm attending the Portland Zine Symposium 24 hour zine challenge in July 21!

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I'm proper excited about this! Especially the prompts like learning a new skill and writing a letter to a Zine Crush or favourite distro. One thing I am planning to do is to keep an art journal of my exeriences completing the prompts and update my zine blog as I go (secondhandnewszine.blogspot.co.uk). 

Also *might* attempt the 24hr zine? Definitely looking forward to seeing what others on here come up with! ^_^

Hell yeah, IZM '12. Thanks, Alex, for the handy list of suggestions that came in my recent order. I'm planning on doing most of teh thingz, except maybe putting on an event. Not sure that's going to happen. I'm looking at this as a Zine Boot Camp. :) I'm going through a huge decluttering thing right now, so I'll probably do a combination of research/found ideas/personal commentary. Plus, I'm digging the Get Fit For The Pit zine, so I'll probably focus on something physical. Like the contact staff and parkour. Wheeeeeeeee!  :D

I'm aiming to tackle every task of every day of the 31.

We'll see...!

Well, I published my fourth zine last week, and it's the first one I have completed in five years.  In celebration of this accomplishment, I signed up for the 24 Hour Zine Thing (it feels ambitious, but possible).  I also bought a whole slew of zines off Etsy and will do recommendations on my blog and tumblr all month long. There is some great stuff there, I was happy while browsing. Plus I love getting mail. 


Thirteenth Story Art

Oh, Taryn and I are doing a review-a-day as extra credit on the blog @ Philly Feminist Zine Fest. Check it out:here

I love the list and am going to try and do as many of the action items as I can. I also did a blog post about it and will blog more as the on the continues.I am working on a mini-zine right now (although it is taking more time than a regular one) and will also hopefully have time to do another one. Yay IZM!

I already sent out my zine for review.  I have trades set up to go out this week. I got in contact with a zine librbary, and will be sending copies to them next week....and hopefully more : )

I'm so happy everyone likes the activities list! I sort of threw this one together and hope to do a different one next year. People are already suggesting things for next year like submitting something to a comp zine. We wanted to try to get shops that sell zines together to create a Free Zine Day modeled after Free Comic Book Day but it just didn't come together. We were hoping it would be a great way to get 24 hour zines out. maybe next year?

Day 1 - I posted here!

Day 2 - I told some distros that I thought they were great

Day 3 - I organized the zines at the Portland Button Works shop....I hope that is good enough!

Day 4 - Not sure what I'm going to teach myself today. My partner, Paul, has been trying to get me to draw comics. Maybe I'll do some drawings today.

I'm sending out my zines to small distros, making new zines, starting a zine podcast (I was inspired by yours and Derek's, Alex, and also by Sarah and Sage's), contributing to a friend's new zine, and I don't know what else! Whee!  This is really fun.

Don't forget the Musea Zine Hall of Fame. This has been going on for over 10 years and celebrates many of the best:


Well, I'm pretty sure i'm going to a Valenzine's day letter writing part at Portland Button works. Maybe work on my zine.

This july I publish the latest issue of my zine, BAGI BAGI. It all in Indonesian language, mostly handwritten, photocopied, with a thick cover paper.

Get it for Rp 2.000 or just trade with your zine or whatever(contact me first)



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