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I've poked around myself and haven't found much, so I was wondering if anyone else knew of any zines or magazines about communes, communal living, or intentional communities?

The one I know of is the Fellowship for Intentional Communities' magazine, "Communities" (http://communities.ic.org/).

I'm much more interested in things about contemporary stuff, particularly with practical sorts of info and advice for people interested in living on intentional communities, than I am in things that analyze historical situations.

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As a libertarian and decentralist, I'm very interested in alternative communities and political units. Intentional communities would be one kind, but I'm also interested in "proprietary communities", though I think those are called "private communities" from what I've read on the Net. I would think there might be many possible forms of community organization and values, but unfortunately, the federal, state and local governments would probably try to hobble them, if not stamp them out.

I've also done a little research and found out about Communities, which I actually saw first in Zine World I think. I also think I have or had some issues I scrounged out of somebody's recycling bin. I should have looked over and read these better.

There've been and currently are decentralist projects like the Free State Project and Exodus International. I'm almost certain to never join FSP, even though I'm a libertarian. Financially too risky, and I'm too marginal a libertarian to really get along with most libertarians. I sort of have a dream of an animal-rights libertarian community, but I'd want it to be more individualist/laissez-faire than most intentional communities as I understand them.

I've looked at the FSP forums, but I find trying to read and digest most Net forums a chore. I'd rather see the discussion in an APA or letters-to-the-editor format, if not in a zine or magazine, at least an easily printable e-zine.

I agree that if the history is just dry academics, then it may not be that interesting, but I think there has to be some look at alternative-communitarian history, to see why so many seem to fail. The only thing I can think of is too many idealists with conflicting visions.

I've tried to do some Net research on the libertarian Ft. Collins, CO freetown project, which was popular at one time, but I haven't been able to find out a thing on it. Maybe it's my lack of Net skills.



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