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Hola Zine Peeps,

I don't post anywhere very much any more; I used to post to alt.zines constantly, but I've sort of fallen from the habit. This is because I am old and lame. And also busier than I ever was before, although I seem to be getting less done, which is the worst part about growing up: The hamster wheel, she spins, but you're not *going* anywhere.

Anyways, as I prepare for the next issue of The INner swine, I headed to the ole' PO Box to see what was there. I got check for some writing I did! But it was unsigned. Sad.

I also got a trickle of stuff. Two postcards from folks asking me if I want to see their zine/pub, which is strange as they could have saved us all time by just sending me a copy. But I guess there's something to be siad for ascertaining interest before you spend your money to send something around.

As for actual printed zines, just two:

- Node Pajomo, Fall/Winter 2009 ($1 USA, C$2 Canada, $2 International, stamps OK instead of cash; POB 2632 Bellingham, WA 98227-2632; nodepajomo@gmail.com). A listing/index of mail art projects including requests et al. Pretty cool idea, to let interested folks see what projects are brewing and dive into one if they so choose. Small and tiny, hard to read, but lord knows that won't scare off anyone used to zines.

- Fish with Legs #13 ($1, Eric Lyden, 224 Moraine Street, Brockton, MA 02301-3664; eric.lyden@gmail.com; facebook.com/ericfishlegs). Love Eric's very lo-fi perzine. Love the fact that he admits he can't remember what he's already printed and can't be bothered to check for dupes -  a man after my own heart. As usual a collection of random thoughts and facts about the man himself, always fun.

And that's it. It's a gorgeous day out here in Hoboken and I'm going for a walk.


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Know what's really sad? I was eagerly anticipating the next "In My Mailbox" because I knew I was going to be mentioned. I actually went to alt.zines to look for it, but it seems like nobody posts anything there anymore.
Alt.zines is a frickin' wasteland, man. The Spam has won! But I did post this there anyway. I think there're folks still lurking there. Oh well, the world moves on.



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