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...but basically we don't have any here :( I've discovered zines about a year ago and I really loved the concept of it. I'd love to make one myself too, probably if i'm not broke anymore and I get more ideas of what to put in it. I'd like to read more zines, does anyone know any free zines or if anyone is willing to send me one? I'll appreciate it a lot.

Hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks in advance! :D

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hmm i have mixed thoughts on what you said. on one hand i agree with you...you could offer something for trade if you are broke and yeah 2 dollars isn't really that hard to come by, probably even for the poorest of folks.

i dont agree with demanding something in trade..especially if it is just a crappy piece of paper someone folded just so they could trade you something. trades (in my opinion) are supposed to be a meaningful exchange between two people, not just something you stuff in an envelope just to get something else.

and yeah coming on here begging for free zines is kind of lame. i understand if you found a couple zines you really liked and wanted to read them wrote the authors and asked if they would graciously send you a free copy. on the other hand if you are just getting into zines you may not really know where/who to go to to get information on zines...but i'm guessing this person knows some resources because they know enough to come on here...

anyways like i said i am not sure how i feel it...especially because like you mentioned richard someone else did start a thread about getting free zines already.

Richard W. said:
Someone else started a thread here about getting free stuff, and while I don't want to hamper the graceful and egalitarian spirit of those here who want to share with you, I WILL say that if you want one of my zines, I demand something in trade- even if it's a one-sided page of writing you copied at the library for 15 cents and folded up and stuck in an envelope.

I don't think being broke is any excuse, even if you're a kid from a poor family. I came from the trailer parks of purgatory and I could still rustle up $2 to copy stuff at the drug-store xerox machine. Stop asking for free shit and start expressing yourself. I await your trade, and am excited for your straight-shot raw expression of freedom and youthful genius.

Well, Madhatter does give his/her/hir location as Sudan. Not to make any big assumptions, but maybe money is tighter for people there.

However, I don't especially want the Forum to be all about people begging for free zines. That gets pretty old, although I guess folks who don't want to send free zines can just ignore such posts.
You may want to check out this group: http://wemakezines.ning.com/group/freezinesforthepeople



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