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I'm sorry if this has been discussed before I'm new and would love any pointers or advice! I know my zine is going to be about music(mostly garage and punk), skating, feminism, d.i.y, and art. I know it's a lot but I think that way it could appeal to more people and would be more fun to make! it'd be hard to run out of ideas x) It's going to be folded halfway and have 8 pages. I have a way to get them printed for free so I'm okay on money. I just need any tips you have! thanks! n____n

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Some people print them on the copiers at work (technically stealing), or use their own home printer and scanner. It's more ethical to find a printer that charges low cost for double sided and just go that 'make it at work when nobody's looking' route.

I would write and draw up as many ideas as you can and maybe write down what each page will be as a possible template. page 1 - intro, pg. 2-4 - interview with _______ pg. 5 - write up on skating, etc. I would ask your friends to contribute or go to a skate shop or skate park and talk to skaters, maybe you'll get some good ideas on a piece for your zine. Go to a show and write a show review or maybe interview a band. Your zine ideas sound cool and I think a lot of people would be into it.  Also read and look at as many zines as you can to get a feel of how other people make them and note what you like and dont like. Good luck/have fun!

so whatcha do is get really bored, then get real angry, then write it all down while making yourself deaf playin' your favourite song on repeat. then draw some stuff maybe, I dunno. you can really do whatever you please. i like to interview friends or something also. do whatever you want.

You should just do you.  Write what you want and what you are passionate about.  I write my zine for myself.  There are no rules. There are no boundaries.  The more you do it, the more you will feel comforatble and learn the ropes.


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