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Hey folks,

There was a thread about this, but it's gone now. I think the person who started it deleted their account and their content. 

So, here is chance to get a great set of ideas down for all the new zine makers that join this site everyday. Since I live in Portland and this city was pretty full of zine people making a scene when I got here, I am not the best authority. So, folks, please have at it and pass on some good inspiration. Thanks!

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Providence RI has lots of people who make zines, especially at colleges (especially at RISD-RI School of Design), the key is to get some events started and network with people, get to know other people who make zines, which I am not that great at because of my anxiety and such...but I still somewhat am attempting. I started this thing at a local anarchist social center/space awhile ago that was a time for people to come and make zines at...it was called "zine stream" unfortunately I couldn't work it out well enough that people would come regularly 2x per month...people would say they'd be coming on fb but then not show up because they assumed it would happen frequently and could come another time...well, if no one ever shows up that's not the case...the first few times it worked though and was really fun, social, and creative...although kind of hard to get some serious zine making work done because I found it distracting (I need to concentrate to write and such). 

Right now most of my energy is focused on having a real, physical zine library cataloged and displayed which is taking a lot of time, I'm trying to get more volunteers to help but it's been slow going/people can be flaky (and so can I sometimes)...and once that happens, hopefully we can have events, readings, networking (I don't really like that word though, more like collaboration, getting to know people and be social, working together, learning about zines people make,  sharing, etc)...We could technically do it now still anyhow, but most my energy is focused on getting the collection set up and I don't have time to organize a lot of other things...


When I moved to Albuquerque, it seemed like there were people doing zines, but no real "scene."  So we set up a zine-making workshop, and advertised in the art stores, at the poetry slams, in the comic book shops, and a decent amount of people came out.  I explained what zines were, then we made some.  Got people interested.  Swapped contact info.

Then we had a zine-reading.

Little by little people were making their own zines, having their own events, etc.


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