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How does one decide on how much or if at all to sell a zine? This would be my first one but I thought making a zine would be a great way to package my bands CD. How do you account for shipping?

Any thoughts?


N.L. Dewart

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i add the cost of shipping with the cost to print and round it to the nearest dollar. it's best to go with the lowest price you can afford to get away with. you'll lose money, but sell a ton more zines.
I do this way: first I saw how much the production will costs; for example, 1 dollar a copy. so, to cover production costs, I sell for 1,20 dollars. but if it got too expensive to produce, I must think if worths to produce the zine this way.
The easiest way to do it is to do what Ashlee said- figure out how much it costs to produce, figure out how much it costs to mail and make that the price. Just don't do anything ridiculous like charging $4 for a 8 page mini zine. If you charge what feels fair you'll be OK. That actually applies to most zining issues- just do what feels right and you'll be OK.
Thanks for the help guys...I think since this is my first zine so I'm over thinking it a bit. 1st For me it's a multimedia matter so mine might be a little more than usual to cover costs. 2nd I'm just going to have fun and realize that on my first endeavor and I'm going to have to bite the bullet and lose money 3rd I believe in using my gut but the only way to do that = making the thing...so I need to get to work.
One of the thing that seems to be a big downside to zine makers in this day in age (and I'm a complete noob) is shipping prices. I agree it's only fair to charge no more than a buck for a mini-zine but...the added shipping costs are more than the zine itself.



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