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How many of you use analog processes? To what extent?

There's a lot that can be done with zines and similar things completely independent from computers.

Graphic arts used to use the following but i'm wondering how many of you use in your stuff the following:


Photographic darkroom manipulation, effects: black and white and color


Typographic. photocopying from font books. typesetting lines and bodies of text ( kerning, tracking, leadin all by hand) Using dry transfer rub downs. 

Paste up 


and so on...


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There seem to be a few people who've mentioned they've used pre-computer technology, one pretty recently.  My worm-eaten brain can only remember "Atomic" who bought an offset press & is going to try to relearn what he used to do with one in school.

Have you heard of The Match?  Pretty much no web presence, but I'm sure you can find the POB on-line somewhere.

The most I've done is messed around with a ditto machine, one hectograph and one bottle-n-brush mimeo experiment.  I've been trying to investigate pre-computer technology, but it's been a long uphill climb.  However slow, I'm going to keep trying.  I've heard some say it's easy and worth the effort, others that the learning curve is impossibly steep for most, and I should give up.  We'll see.

I don't know if photocopiers are technically "analog" or whether they have a digital element to them.  Newer ones do I suppose. What about digital mimeographs?  A fusion of both?  Most "old-schoolers" probably don't use presses, but scissors, glue, old books & magazines, in xerox machines.

This discussion may or may not be relevant to you.


There may be other relevant discussions on the forum, but I don't know how to post more than one link at a time.  I'm an idiot at the Internet.

Analog extends beyond typewriters, simple silkscreen and photocopying or using mimeographs.


Everything done on photoshop was once done by hand. You can get 1000's of different effects with liquid emulsion and enlargers in a darkroom that can enhance any zine. Its all about experimenting and knowing the chemistry and timing. Its too bad that darkrooms and their materiasl aren't as common and cheap as before.


There are tons of possiblities.


 its not about nostalgia or anti new technology as much as it is using a more natural and physical realm of working that just happenes to "analog".


Photocopiers just recently became digital. Difference is digital copiers are dot based, analog ones are line based.

Digital copiers look similar to laser prints from computers.


How much did an offset press cost him?




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