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So today, the IZM officially starts and I guess this is where people can post what is going on around the globe during the IZM...

As for me, the beggining of July promises itself to be a very stressful and busy week (tests, papers, finals, lab reports, identifying bacteria :O etc.)so I'll have to wair until this summer session before i can actually start enjoying IZM... so not fair.

so how are you celebrating? what projects have you done/finished/been sharing around so far?

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I've added the typewriter one to my Ning site:

just linked to the international zine month website from the cultural gutter's website and facebook page.
I am going to be making copies of Entry Point and sending out copies to my pals that don't make zines!
Plus I will be participating in the 24 hour zine thing this year and I have lots of ideas of what to write about. I am going to pick a day, sit in front of the computer/ typewriter and see what comes out!! I'm excited!!
I just posted on my blog about the IZM and the Entry Point zine.

I also want to write more about zine this month on there and of course, I am working on a zine.

Also, I am encouraging a friend to make a zine. She is overwhelmed, but we are meeting regularly so I can help coach her.

I love the idea of a zine cake, like the pic I have on my blog, but of course with ziney writing on it. I hope someone does that for an event.
okay... so ihavent really done anything yet(exept printing out the badges ans sticking them onto anything and anywhere i could think of. haha.) because this finals week is in the way.
although these are what I plan to do as soon as i get done with my finals:

# participate in the 24 hour zine thing

# finish the second issue of ALPOLG

# get a freaken PO box already! XD

# put together my LOMO zine and KIssing Darkness (working title), both of which, i have been working on for a while now

# introduce zines around my tiny town somehow
• I've made a 8p mini zine about my tea 'addiction'.

• Working on a split zine for cheaptoys #3 with will from "God loves you... without condoms" a punk-related zine.

• Wrote a 24 hour zine about how I ended up in both punk and zines, wich won't be print.

• Traded a lot of zine, with a lot of zinesters

• Told about zines with people who don't know that kind of stuff exist, and about the IZM to the zinesters I knew.

• Made cut&paste one-sheet booklet for bands (mine, and friends of mine wich I'm fan of)
a) I;m going to do the 24hr zine challenge this weekend
b) We're having the 3rd Brighton Zine Social on Bastille Day (aka the 14th of July)
c) I'll try to get my other zine projects finished off
d) Have the first meeting for the next Brighton Zinefest
I'd love to get a copy of Entry Point. Don't know anyone who is distributing them though.
I have some copies of Entry Point. I will send it to you early next week when I send you Mistaken for Straight .

Eunice said:
I'd love to get a copy of Entry Point. Don't know anyone who is distributing them though.
Check it out... we got some local video-blog publicity for the IZM event we are holding for the Richmond Zine Fest :

RVA MASH UP video blog
IZM's coming along nicely. I've successfully traded the few remaining copies of the li'l orange, dumb/SULK trigg-er, microzine for (alphabetically):

*Amber F's CULTURE SLUT no. 18 (the polaroid issue)
*Chantel G's ADULT THEMES and CANDY BOX (an adventure in sweets from the UK)
*Eunice's ESTRONES no. 1
*Una Crow's MONSTROUS no. 2

Really looking forward to reading those over the next few days. And who knows what other delights are currently winging their way to my PO Box?

Also, I just heard that Katie Haegele is going to do a mini zine as a response to the "word salad" I did as a tribute to her zines & writing, which I'm very excited to see.
Good to see the the video-blog clip, Nicole. I've seen D.I.Y. Or Die but not The GrrrlyShow. Found a clip, though:

I'd like to see the $100 And A T-Shirt one too.


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