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I really want to hurry up and get my submission flyers up and ask you guys too but I'm struggling with being happy with what my topic is. I wanted to do sex in the media and body image but the more I think about it the more it seems overdone. What do you guys think?


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Or I guess what I mean is that I don't want people to feel like they don't have anything to contribute. Cus I'm okay with everything. I want variety. But i also don't want to feel like a literary mag which my campus already has.

It sounds to me like you are more motivated by the desire to make a zine than by the desire to communicate anything particular. This is understandable, but unfortunate. It tends to be easier to get focused on making a zine when it is motivated by communicating something particular, it tends to be easier to get contributors when they share that thing you want to communicate, and readers tend to come from an interest in that thing.


Similarly, having people contribute to a project rather than creating it all yourself tends to work better when it comes from something more intrinsic to the project. Like it's on a subject that is better covered by a variety of voices.


I suggest you re-focus a little on either:

1) What you really want to communicate to people - then you just need to figure out how to say it and put it in whatever size zine it fits.

2) What you are genuinely curious to hear your people say something about - then you can even just approach people with a particular question and ask them to write down an answer to it and collect these in the zine.


Or maybe, if the excitement you have is more about putting together a zine and not as much about anything particular you want in it, you could create something better by going for something a little simpler/quicker/gimmickier.


If your put off an issue, like sex in the media, because it's overdone, a good direction to go is more specific. Like gay sex in the media. Or kinky sex in the media. Or good sex in the media. Or the relationships between sex in the media and race. Or the relationship between sex in the media and the demographics of the groups being marketed to. That is: focus in on something particular about sex in the media that interests you about sex in the media.



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