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How do you decide when an issue of your zine is "out of print"?

I've noticed that some issues of some zines go permanently out of print after a time. I was wondering how you (personally - I know it'll be different for everyone) decide when an issue is going out of print - do you print a certain number of copies of each issue and then put it out of print? Do you not print any more copies after a certain amount of time has passed since you made the issue? Or is it a much more personal decision than that, without any (however loosely) set boundaries of print numbers/months passed? Perhaps your zine doesn't go out of print at all, and you continue to print as many issues as there is demand.

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So far I've ran into two reasons to put issues out of print. All of the issues of Dissension are out of print because they're years old and I'm not the same person at all anymore. The first two issues of Reclusive Obscenities are out of print because I made them wrong and they ended up being a huge pain to print.

Once I no longer have any left in my garage, it's out of print.

I usually just get self conscious and don't want a zine i did at 16 to represent me at 25. 

yea, i keep printing copies of mine until i decide i don't like them anymore.

i stop making a particular issue when i have gotten sick of seeing its face.  either that or once i have printed enough to distro to all the usual places.

I tend to stop offering them when I run out of them AND I don't feel like making any more. I think, over time, I'd rather make a new one than to keep printing the older ones. 


i print 300 when those are gone i write 2nd edition and print 50 more some of the first issue are in their 4th printing now!

yeah, I make 100 copies and let people know up front.  I think it makes people more interested when you say "This is hand numbered and limited to 100 copies."  People tend to buy right away because they know it will soon be out of print.  It's like a limited edition 7 inch from a band or something.

I do 50-70 of each issue then that's it. When all gone, all gone. Every year in Sydney I'll reprint 5 copies of each issue for the MCA Zine Fair. Apart from that, keep making new ones!


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