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I just got this e-mail:

"Dear Ramsey

I am currently completing a book called FANZINES (Thames & Hudson) and have included the cover of List Goodbye, Baltimore, no. 12 (fall 2008), fully credited in the book.

My book looks at the history of fanzines in a general overview of UK and USA-based self-publishing. As a good example of an interesting contemporary personal zine it would be remiss not to include it in any history of fanzines. The book is due out in September and I hope this will establish the importance of this form of self-publishing.

I do hope this is okay.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Teal Triggs
University of the Arts London

Poor form right? I know a lot of zinesters don't care about their things being reproduced or used, and I actually don't mind at all for it to be included, but it seems like asking ahead of time would be the right thing to do, right? Especially for a book?

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If you're so bored with it, why bother keeping up with the thread and responding? Makes it seem like you don't wish to let this go either, even if you're sitting on the other side of the fence when it comes to opinion on the matter.


Just a thought.

The new issue ofNobody Cares About You Stupid Zine Podcast is about this very topic!

In this Episode of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, Derek Neuland and Alex Wrekk discuss the book Fanzines by Teal Triggs and several issues surrounding it including copyright and etiquette as they interview Ramsey Beyer (illustrator and List zine) Amber Forrester  (http://www.hello-amber.com/) and Jerianne Thompson (librarian and editor of Zine World).

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that minority opinions aren't allowed to be heard. If you are so upset about it why don't you do your own podcast with your opinion. I'm not a journalist and I have no false pretenses about being objective, I tell the story I want to tell. I don't get why you think that everyone has to believe exactly as you do about this situation. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I support and respect how you feel about the things you create but not everyone feels the same. Why can't you respect people with a differing opinion?


Have fun finding all 50+ zines I have ever created and wasting your money and time publishing them. I seriously doubt you'd find a publisher let alone distribution for that. Anyone who has been doing zines long enough knows that anyone can publish something yourself, it takes a lot of work and energy to find the distribution. I find it laughable that you would seriously hate my opinion so much as to go to those lengths.

We thought about contacting Teal Triggs to see if she wanted to be interviewed for the podcast, but then we decided that she has been given enough opportunities to publicly apologize.  Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast is by and for zinesters, and we actually celebrate zine culture.  We had a story and we decided to present it the way we wanted to.  We didn't change or omit facts, and many people in the episode gave Teal Triggs the benefit of the doubt as Amber said.


I have hosted and edited a dozen podcast episodes on two different podcasts, and this is by far the one i'm most proud of so far.  I was happy to be able to help this Fanzines issue reach more people and in a different format: http://nobodycareszine.libsyn.com/nobody-cares-about-your-stupid-zi... 

Hmm, as a Professor of the University of London you'd have thought she'd appreciate copyrighting laws. Personally I'd have let it slide if the person asking/telling wasn't a professional.

"Though if you're really intent on seeing us take legal action, maybe you'd like to foot the cost?"

 Just FYI --In Milwaukee a 'cheap' copyright lawyer is $145 an hour. I had to use one a few years back. I'm sure their cost has gone up since.

Sorry I haven't read much of this thread (although I do know about the Teal Triggs scandal, of course), but I was wondering if anyone told her superiors at her Uni job. Maybe she could at least get fired or something.


Also, if there is ANYONE out there who is RICH and would like to help all who have been wronged by Triggs, PLEASE STEP UP.

I wish I could, but I am not rich (currently, I am broke and living with my parents).

Joseph..   I am sorry but I fail to see why we should celebrate a book with incorrect information about zines.
Dude, I have never pretended to be an objective anything.

Joseph Delgado said:

are you going to have a wider selection of 'opinions' or is this just a whine fest by like minded zinesters....Jerianne is supposed to be 'objective' editor of all zines at least thats what was led to beleive...you should do a podcast with opposing views...otherwise your podcast appears to be simple exercise in mental masturbation and only seems to be a minority concern amongst the varied zinesters listed in Teal Triggs book.

It's sad that there's no like button on WMZ. :)

Jerianne said:

Dude, I have never pretended to be an objective anything.

I worked for my college newspaper and we needed permission to use any art/photo. If we did not get it, we could not use it period.


Just yesterday, I received an email asking to use one of my pictures from my food blog. I said sure. It was nice to be asked before the guy use it.


It sounds like most ziners were OK with someone republishing their stuff.The issue was asking permission.


Maybe this issue could be considered ahead of time by ziners before they publish their zine. They can state a terms of use policy in their zine...AKA permission to republish.


Example: I provide permission to reprint this zine in full or in part for educational use, for use in publication for reviews, as part of a published book on zines or comics, for use in a zine computation or up to 3 copies for a personal collection or zine library, but not for resale.


Reprints must include under the artwork: Courtesy: Soupzine by Brian Steinberg










as i listen to Ramsey's interview on NCAYSZP #3  a 'new' term came to mind:





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