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I just got this e-mail:

"Dear Ramsey

I am currently completing a book called FANZINES (Thames & Hudson) and have included the cover of List Goodbye, Baltimore, no. 12 (fall 2008), fully credited in the book.

My book looks at the history of fanzines in a general overview of UK and USA-based self-publishing. As a good example of an interesting contemporary personal zine it would be remiss not to include it in any history of fanzines. The book is due out in September and I hope this will establish the importance of this form of self-publishing.

I do hope this is okay.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Teal Triggs
University of the Arts London

Poor form right? I know a lot of zinesters don't care about their things being reproduced or used, and I actually don't mind at all for it to be included, but it seems like asking ahead of time would be the right thing to do, right? Especially for a book?

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Joseph..   I am sorry but I fail to see why we should celebrate a book with incorrect information about zines.
Dude, I have never pretended to be an objective anything.

Joseph Delgado said:

are you going to have a wider selection of 'opinions' or is this just a whine fest by like minded zinesters....Jerianne is supposed to be 'objective' editor of all zines at least thats what was led to beleive...you should do a podcast with opposing views...otherwise your podcast appears to be simple exercise in mental masturbation and only seems to be a minority concern amongst the varied zinesters listed in Teal Triggs book.

It's sad that there's no like button on WMZ. :)

Jerianne said:

Dude, I have never pretended to be an objective anything.

I worked for my college newspaper and we needed permission to use any art/photo. If we did not get it, we could not use it period.


Just yesterday, I received an email asking to use one of my pictures from my food blog. I said sure. It was nice to be asked before the guy use it.


It sounds like most ziners were OK with someone republishing their stuff.The issue was asking permission.


Maybe this issue could be considered ahead of time by ziners before they publish their zine. They can state a terms of use policy in their zine...AKA permission to republish.


Example: I provide permission to reprint this zine in full or in part for educational use, for use in publication for reviews, as part of a published book on zines or comics, for use in a zine computation or up to 3 copies for a personal collection or zine library, but not for resale.


Reprints must include under the artwork: Courtesy: Soupzine by Brian Steinberg










as i listen to Ramsey's interview on NCAYSZP #3  a 'new' term came to mind:



Joe's gone?  (I have to say he WAS cutting into my enjoyment of this site). 


It really wasn't fair to have people here trying to defend why you want copyright to apply to your own work. 


I saw the book at Barnes & Noble, I flipped threw it a few time, it is a really cool book I have to say. My Mother offered to buy it for me, but I declined, it really didn't feel right to me.

Um, its beyond disrespectful... it's illegal. Your zine is under copyright protection from the moment you make it. I know there are plenty of zinesters out there than don't give a flip about copyrights -- I've had artwork stolen; I guess we all have -- Prof Triggs should know better.



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