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I just got this e-mail:

"Dear Ramsey

I am currently completing a book called FANZINES (Thames & Hudson) and have included the cover of List Goodbye, Baltimore, no. 12 (fall 2008), fully credited in the book.

My book looks at the history of fanzines in a general overview of UK and USA-based self-publishing. As a good example of an interesting contemporary personal zine it would be remiss not to include it in any history of fanzines. The book is due out in September and I hope this will establish the importance of this form of self-publishing.

I do hope this is okay.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Teal Triggs
University of the Arts London

Poor form right? I know a lot of zinesters don't care about their things being reproduced or used, and I actually don't mind at all for it to be included, but it seems like asking ahead of time would be the right thing to do, right? Especially for a book?

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"Everything’s gone a bit zine-y here in London this week thanks to Teal Triggs’ new book ‘Fanzines’. ... The book was launched last night with a pop-up reading room at LCC featuring fanzines submiited by their makers."

Huh, I haven't been here for a few months and missed this discussion. I was contacted by Teal beforehand asking for a high quality cover scan of my zine, which I was stoked about, and I sent it in and had a little more correspondence... this was quite a while ago. It sounded like a cool project... As far as I know, it's completely legal to use the cover of a record or book or zine when reviewing or writing about it. I've always used them in writing zine reviews and on ZineWiki without asking the authors for permission. I'm surprised this bothers anyone. But then, I'm always surprised when people publish something, release it out into the world, and then want to control what happens to it.
Just wanted to let everyone know that shortly following my first email to Triggs, in which I got no response, I sent her a second email letting her know that I would like a comp copy of the book if possible. She responded to that one asking for my address, saying she would pass it along to the publisher.

Much to my surprise, it arrived in the mail today. It's a big, pretty art book. Almost the entirety of the book is images of our zines. Triggs wrote an essay for the beginning of each chapter, which are followed by 20 pages of images of zines.

Here's my page!

That's my zine, the purple one on the bottom right. But where's the free copy I've been demanding? Jeez.
maybe it's on the way. i was truly surprised it showed up today.

Maranda Elizabeth said:
That's my zine, the purple one on the bottom right. But where's the free copy I've been demanding? Jeez.
If my copy doesn't show up by the end of the week, I think I'll send her another email. Now I'm curious as to who else may have a received a copy. My sister surely deserves at least ten for all the work she's done on this damn thing, ha.

ramsey everydaypants said:
maybe it's on the way. i was truly surprised it showed up today.

Maranda Elizabeth said:
That's my zine, the purple one on the bottom right. But where's the free copy I've been demanding? Jeez.
If anyone's keeping track, I got a copy. I emailed the publisher asking if it was a review copy (because I'd requested one) or a contributor copy, and she indicated that it was the latter. So maybe everyone will get one. I haven't looked through it in detail yet, but it's certainly impressive looking.


Maranda Elizabeth said:
Now I'm curious as to who else may have a received a copy.

I found out about this issue yesterday, and while I have a lot on my plate right now, I was able to pick up a copy of this book from Quimbys so I can get a sense of what actually went on here. Being upfront, I'll say now that I have not read this whole thread yet (thought I intend to) but based on information from discussions with Neil B. & Edie F. @ Quimbys and with Ramsey List - I can definitely say that I think those parties who would like to see legal action should move for that. It is my understanding that this has already started and I cheer it on. Also I have notified Kembrew McLeod (a professor in communications at U of Iowa) who is a zinester himself (see Freedom of Expression) and who is very knowledgable about copyright issues.
I emailed Teal about getting a free copy, and she said she'd be delighted to oblige. So I guess mine is on its way! For those of you who were included in the book and wish to have a contributor's copy, send an email with your address to bunker@easynet.co.uk.
you can publish the address of the zine that's printed IN or ON the zine, not the address that's printed on the envelope the zine comes in.

James N. Dawson said:
I don't want to sound insenstive or dismissive, but I don't think I'd've been very bothered by this. In fact, I might even have been flattered, but if so, just a little. I'd also feel hypocritical criticizing the Professor, given my own views & practices on copyrights:


Recently, old-time zinester Lisa B. Falour, creator of Bikini Girl, displayed and talked about my zine .Zap!!omania on YouTube. She didn't ask permission, and I never expected her to. I took her action as a well-intentioned favor and a compliment. Of course I'm not saying that other zinesters should. Just giving my reaction.

More and more, I'm confused and clueless about what's acceptable. Is publishing a physical address on the envelope I get a zine in, WITHOUT PERMISSION, acceptable? Or is doing so WRONG, an insensitive violation of somebody's privacy? (In the contact zine I'm planning, my plan is to reserve the right to publish any physical address i come across, unless CLEARLY told not to.)

Everything seems so much more restrictive, "Mother May I", these days.

But I'll grant, the tone of the letter did seem a little "cheerily" condescending.
i sent the publisher an email two days ago after being informed that my zine was used in this book. and the email was apparently forwarded to Teal. she responded this morning and my copy of the book is on its way. there were two apologies in the email, which was nice. but then a mini paragraph telling me how "wonderful" and "lovely" my zine is. which would have also been nice compliments, but hey Teal, my zine isn't "Ker-bloom!"; it's "Adorn" and i stated that in my initial email. whatever. i just want to see this book.
Now that's just lazy (the Our Hero thing). How did this EVER get through fact-checking? :/

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I received my book in the mail a few days ago. I'll post an extensive review on my blog once I've finished reading it.

I'm annoyed by some of the errors I've already found though. Like, she claims that I started Culture Slut in 2007 when it was 2004 (something that would have been easily cleared up if she'd contacted me first), and she also refers to Our Hero as an American show, when not only is it Canadian, but the Canada government logo is clearly visible on the screencap that she included in the book. It's very clear from her writing that she is interested in the "look" of zines as a graphic designer and seems to care very little about the content. Oh well.



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