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so i just joined this website yesterday and have joined a few groups that appeal to me. this one seemed a great place to come as i am a lonely zinester in a place that has no zine distros, library or as far as i know, no other zinesters. i thought i would start a discussion on here.
so if you are in the same situation as i am, how did you discover zines?

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From the Internet - people I knew kept talking about it and I thought "hmm, interesting". I ordered a few zines, got reading, and found them interesting! I wanted to start a zine thing back home but never got round to it.

I moved from Malaysia to Australia two and a half years ago and there's more access to zines here. i also managed to get PayPal and went zine shopping! hahahaha
When I was homeless in BC, I met a guy who once made zines. I was still clueless as to what exactly they were until I was hitchhiking about and came across a copy of she's got labe. Ha ha! It was a great introduction!
I was involved with the Crescent Wrench Bookstore & Infoshop in the mid '90s in New Orleans. I met people in the collective who read zines and made zines and shared their zines with me.
My situation isnt as bad, but im there isnt any kind of zine community whatsoever where reside/come from.

I had read a few zines, but didnt really take them seriously. I discovered them through deciding to create my own 'independent magazine' which was actually a zine, only i ahve been insisting on calling it a 'magazine'. I am new to understanding the whole zine culture thing. its pretty exciting, but im also happy that Ive created something that exists separate to that category, even though i am now becoming more inspired by the culture.
Hmmm...I don't really remember. Maybe it was Micheal Diana's "Boiled Angel". I really just thought that was a comic. About 12 years ago I was trying to do a zine w/ an 'x' that he called "Buzzbomb" but then we found someone already had a magazine called that. So it never fell through.
I believe I've known about zines since they were chiseled onto stone tablets. But I only started reading and making them when I stumbled across them on etsy awhile back. Unfortunately I don't know anyone in my area who shares my interest, but that's not unusual for me. I'm always doing things that no one around me gets. I am, however, converting my best friend to the way of the zine. I love warping minds... heh
I was introduced to zines while I was a teenager in Hawaii-- this was 13 years ago. A friend of mine was into zines but didn't really advertise her love of them until I showed an interest. It was wonderful! I think I borrowed everything she had before I decided to start buying them myself. My first zine bought was called Fetal Position and it was made by another zinester in Aiea, HI. I honestly have no idea how I found her... I think it was through an AOL chat room. I finally made my first zine three years after I was introduced to them and... well... it was a horrible one page piece that I had handwritten and only made five copies of. I don't even have the original anymore. I have made a few zines here and there since then but have been stagnant as far as writing goes for the last few years. When I was in Hawaii there wasn't much of a scene and zinesters were scattered all over the place. Now, however, I know there is a much larger scene and even a zine library somewhere. I currently live in Fall River, MA and have been for a few years now. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the Boston Zine Fair yet... I plan on making a trip this year since Boston is only an hour drive from me. I hope to actually have more (new) zines of my own to trade.
When I was a teenager I got a copy of Writer's Market and I'd go through it looking for possible markets for the weird little stories I was writing. I found a lot of 'little magazines' that were cheap and much more fun to read than any mainstream magazines. Didn't discover until much later that there was a whole 'zine culture' and so forth. The main one I read folded and I forgot about them completely.

Until a few weeks ago. I was searching for god-knows-what and found a link to a local 'Arts' blog. Realized I knew the blog's author from a writing group I attended in college. So I poked around. There was an article on zines with links to Xerography Debt and a few other sites.

I had been feeling the urge to 'make something' for a month or two. I get these often, it seems. I especially like doing self-publishing type projects. There's something about writing, editing, doing layouts and creating a solid final result that really appeals to me. Anyway, this urge was to make something in booklet form. So I read the zine article and something clicked.

I started working on my first (ever) zine that night. Less than a week later it was done and in my hands. It felt great, and I had so much fun making it . So I emailed this guy I used to know that writes that blog and thanked him. He did me a huge favor without knowing it.
I've only recently got into the mainstream zine thing. In 1980 I joined the British Science Fiction Association and discovered that there were these things called fanzines. I remember that the first ones I got were from Chuck Conner (anyone know him?). After I joined the Brum group (the Birmingham SF group), I really got into fanzines, apas and all that. I was the editor of the group's newletter for a year as well. Ah those were the days! When I inveigled a fledgling comics artist called D'Israeli (Matt Brooker) into drawing montly comic strips for the newsletter.

I drifted out of the fanzine thing, but I've stuck around in apas. I'm now a member of the American Amateur Press Association and the National Amateur Press Association. HP Lovecraft was a member of the latter.
No one where I live has heard of zines unless I have told them about them. I first learned of them when I was about 13, from my father Wild Bill Blackolive, realized his monthly published rant of his daily life was actually a zine, and that opened up a whole new world for both of us. I describe it a bit more on my page here.
I would like to write a zine about it.

I discover it, when I was thirteen, in some poseur-skateboard related shop, and indie record shop were handing a punk-zine called Neurones (20 issues), wrote by a local punk-ska-psychobilly-surf show promoter called les maskes feuillus. and some times others free zines (Désilusion mag, and procès-verbal). I joined the Neurones crew two years later, stapling the zine on a kitchen table, and wrote a pop-punk record review on the last issue...

Nobody was involve in the zine-stuff. and all the zines available were free, because no one want to take care of it, or sell it in their shops. Once, I ask the record-store owner, and He told me that zines can't be sold. My first zine project was aborted, I wasn't all-DIY at this time. last year, while orering some cheap records overseas (US), I found the Alex wrekk little unexpensive book about zines, and bought it : it's awesome, there is a Huge zinesters community out there, and not only punk-related zines.

it could be an idea for a 24h/zine in 24pages...
i discovered zines about 4 years ago in tecumseh, oklahoma by reading a book called Hard Love (i know kinda lame) but it really sparked my interest in the zine culture. A couple of days ago i started to think about the book again (no idea why) and read up on zines online. then i made my first zine in two days. it's only 8 pages, but it was a lot of fun and in that short time i became addicted, so yes i'm a noob. i plan to keep making them for a long, long time.



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