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Just curious on how other distros or individuals are doing on selling zines lately?   I had a huge decline in November and it's barron over at Click Clack currently.  (Of course, could be partially my fault moving to a new website and being behind on some updates). 


How is everyone else doing?


Are you buying zines?  From individuals?  Ordering from distros?  Zine fests?

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vampire sushi's been busier than usual in the last few weeks, but that's probably because i closed it for almost two months due to my little roller derby injury and have only just re-opened and our regulars have gone 'oo they're open again, i shall buy some zines'. or not. not sure.

i haven't been really buying that many zines, but that's mainly cos i'm broke. not cos i don't want / need zines. x

I just bought like 7 zines really recently. Have to keep myself occupied during the long winter months

I haven't gotten any orders for the past three weeks. Kind of a bummer. I haven't bought any zines either, but that's because I have a stack of around 20 that I need to read first.

I haven't gotten any orders in a month or so, but I haven't been focusing on the site at all (moving, issues with work and school, the usual). A lot of people have been contacting me about it lately, though!

I buy zines every now and then and I sell a few zines every now and then but mine are mostly in the form of trades.

I've accumulated a massive pile of zines over the past few months... mostly that I bought from individual zinesters after I read good reviews in zines or on blogs.


Business at marching stars has been a little slow... but that's likely partially as it was on hiatus for a bit, I've had some trouble with email and I've been a little behind updating. I'm not too concerned :)

Business has been a little slow, but that's mostly because I'm planning a lot of zine and art events right now and that's taking up time and money that I'd usually spend on the distro.

I do also sell out of where I work (Meltdown Comics) and sales there have been pretty steady. I feel like some of the zines I carry are more appealing when you can flip through them, which is why some things sell way better at Meltdown than they do online.

I've only been getting three orders a week, sometimes less. Which is fine, because my life is hectic right now. I'm definitely getting less orders than usual, though.

stranger danger's website has been down since november, so we obviously haven't been getting any orders since then. but now there's a temporary site -- http://www.strangerdangerdistro.wordpress.com/ -- to get us through until our regular site's back up. and i just got an order the other day (the first since the temp site went up!), so it's super exciting to be back up & running again!


heather/stranger danger

i get 1 or 2 orders every month.

i haven't been buying any zines. i've been giving away more zines from my collection in zine grab bags rather than sellin' the zines i have on the distro. ha.


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