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First, I apologize if this isn't the appropriate place to post, but I had seriouos doubts if it'd get seen or read on "Blogs".


I have a prison-pal by the name of Juan Maldonado with whom I exchange zines for art & poetry.  Juan is a "dark Christian" and his poems reflect that.  He's not a preacher or a Bible-thumper.  He's very talented and his full-color art is excellent, sometimes dark and goth-tinged, sometimes cute, sometimes "naughty-cute".


I have reproduced Juan's art and printed a few of his short stories and poems, but I don't have the equipment or funds to do justice to his art which is best seen in color, and I am SO way behind in the zines that I include his poetry in, I'm feeling very guilty.  I've got stacks of art and several pages of poetry & other submissions by Juan.  I would really like them to be published and the copies of the zine they're in sent to Juan, rather than just sitting on them all as I procrastinate.


I was in contact with a horror e-zinester a while back on this forum and told him I'd transcribe some of Juan's poetry and send it to him, but as ever, I'm too lazy to follow through with that, and would like to do this the old-fashioned way, via "snail mail". (Xeroxing a page is so much easier than transcribing one.) I'm not trying to be an "ideological luddite" or making a statement or anything. I just don't know how to scan, so I can't send his art electronically.  (I hope to learn some day, but not now. It's too much time and work.)


So, if there are any horror zinesters out there, or any poetry zinesters, who:

1. Are open to or supportive of prisoners,

2. Would be willing to print Juan's submissions and/or art, especially those who can, or often do, print in color,

3. Who will definitely be publishing in a matter of weeks, at most a month or two,

4. And who will commit to sending Juan a copy,

Please let me know, and give me YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS, so I can send you some.


Thanks very much, from me, and Juan.


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Hey James. This sounds like something in Tim Scannell's area of interest. I haven't seen him post here in a while--is he still online these days?
Thanks Blake.

The last message I was able to track down from Tim was April, 24, a few days ago. He's undergoing a new cancer treatment so will be pretty much out of commission for a couple months.

But I'm not really sure if Juan's material is right for what Tim does, and I'm hesitant to put him on the spot about it, especially with what he has to deal with right now. Maybe he'll check my post here and respond if and when he sees fit.

But I appreciate the suggestion.
I'm sorry to hear about Tim's complications, James. Maybe we should consider sending him a mess of zine love?



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