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Very exciting news in the works, I'm part of a project to revitalize Newcastle (Australia) that's putting artists and crafty types in vacant spaces around the city. I put in a proposal for an artspace/studio and it's looking very good. Cross your fingers for me.

If you look at the floor plan you can see vaguely how the place will be laid out. I have no idea if the space I applied for is the space I will eventually get, but the basic plan will stay the same.

I'm going to be running my art classes out of there and plan to have a zinemaking workshop in the evenings, part of my new "Anti Scrapbooking" society (totally free, part of the project is engaging people and giving them a reason to visit). The bookshelf and coffee table that you can see are going to carry the stock I make (see www.emeraldarts1.etsy.com) and some stuff that my arty friends have made.

Still need stock though to make it shiny, there is only so much stuff I can make myself.

Basically this is a call out for zines. I can only offer consigment, but I have a computer tech boyfriend who has made me a lovely spreadsheet to keep me organised. So far I don't really have any particular preferences, but as the place will be all about art and creating, those sorts will be especially loved.

Also, the coffee table will be for flyers and free things, so please post me some if you can. I would be eternally grateful.

You can email me images or descriptions of your zines: emerald_arts@hotmail.com or if you're feeling especially awesome, mail me a copy so I can see it's magnificence first hand.


18 Cleary Street
Hamilton NSW
Australia 2303

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Glad you got involved in the Renew Newcastle stuff - wish I'd been able to. Chance will come again I hope.
Hey, no chances are lost with the project so far. Basically I am just in the first round of applicatants that they have had a chance to look at. There is basically only the one Marcus, so he has rather a lot to do atm, but he's working ferociously and clocking up a lot of miles :P

When the first round start to take up their art spaces the second round will be looked at, etc. etc.

So far as I know anyway. I don't actually have a first hand view of proceedings, but I am very observant ;)

Bird in the Hand said:
Glad you got involved in the Renew Newcastle stuff - wish I'd been able to. Chance will come again I hope.


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