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Hey everyone, I'm starting a zine library in Providence RI. Providence is a really artsy and good community for this, and I live there and am a zine maker! Yay! I have most likely already found an interim place to house my zine library collection. It's going to be called "Use Your Words" Zine Library and I'm really excited. We're also going to have a high school after school/summer program for creating zines as it's important for me to give back in that way since I got into zines in a really big way starting when I was in high school.


If you'd like to send zines as a donation for this purpose, please send me a private message, and comment here with any further questions or ideas! Any advice from those who have started non profit organizations, businesses, distros, shops, etc are greatly appreciated as I have little idea of what I'm doing after I move on from the interim house of the library.


As it stands I'll be in a community space for a while, but my dream is to eventually have a storefront for it and be the director of the after school program and non profit (and thus have a small amount of income generated from it, enough to survive so I can devote most my time to it).



Laura aka Lauralorax

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Hello Laura. I had these questions and comments on an earlier discussion:

hey I just read that. As far as my accepting zines, my library will not have a narrow focus, I want to have a wide variety of types of zines to show the wide variety of things you can do with this media, and that zines as an art form can take many forms. I will however use discretion as far as things that I don't feel are acceptable to have such as racist speech and extreme hatred of other people. It's something I just don't tolerate. In regards to one of your comments, I'd love to have more older zines, as I really don't want to have a simply modern/present collection, my idea is that someone can get a picture of how zines are evolving and a true picture of the media by visiting my library. It's hard to say though what I would do with zines I'd find to be overly offensive with hatred...if they're that bad though I wouldn't really want to give them away or anything. Have some decency people.
Thanks, Laura for the frank & prompt answer. I can accept your standards. I'm not "pc", but I don't consider myself a racist/hater/bigot either. I'll send you a priority envelope full zines, my own & others. I wouldn't be interested to know when you get them if there are any you don't feel you can use though, if you have the time.
You mean you would be interested? Yes, I will do that. I probably don't have time to take a real thorough look at them, so please if you see any that might extremely offensive let me know so I can look more carefully at them. I will most likely use them all if that's not the case, I just need to build up a collection really and have a lot of different genres.
Yes, I'll definitely send you an envelope full. I don't *think* they're that offensive. I've been reviewed often enough for years & nobody ever seemed offended, but I'm never sure what offends anybody in the zine scene these days. (I've slowly discovered I'm not in zine-Kansas anymore.) I'm just saying IF you find it OBVIOUS you can't use any or some, and IF you have the time, please let me know. Will mail the package soon.
ok. Send me a private message for my address please

Hi Laura,


I do have a steadily growing giveaway pile at my library. Email your postal to zines@barnard.edu. Also, please join the Zine Librarians discussion list if you're so inclined. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zinelibrarians There are people from all different types of libraries on it. 


Good luck!



Nice, thanks! I'll be sure to do all that!
Laura, this is easier. Here's my e-mail address: jamesndawson@yahoo.com. You can send me your address there. Thanks.

Hi Laura,

Luke from the zine store Sticky in Melbourne, Australia here.  I've got some zines I'd love to donate to your library.  Let me know the address to mail them to and I will put them in the mail.  My email address is: luke@stickyinstitute.com.


Hey Everyone, thanks for your donations so far!

We've gotten a lot of great stuff so far thanks to you're generosity.

Just wanted to bump this topic so if anyone would like to know they can donate stuff to a brand new library soon to have a location, they can!

If you want I can send my zin to you. Tell me your postal address, please.



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