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It's a crowd source funding place, you can present your case for needing funds to complete a project, they have a zines category and an art category.  Money needed can be as low as $200, and if you don't get enough pledged then no money is transferred.


I've been considering it for a while but don't have my act in gear yet to get everything together for the printer, so haven't taken the first step on this.


Just wondering what others' experiences are with using the site.  I know there's also another similar site that's now up and running since spring of this year, Indiegogo? 

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We did one very early on when kickstarter was new and novel-  we barely made our goal of $2500 which kept us printing for a year. It seems like it's a lot harder for small campaigns to succeed-  now they mostly promote the really big ones.

The key is promoting the HELL out of it-  you really need to guilt your friends into donating, or it won't work. Kinda sucks that way.

I have supported a few kickstarters

The ones that seem to do the best are like this one, (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/433544158/year-one) where most of the folks who supported it basically PRE-ORDERED the finished product.

It also did not hurt that Ramsey is a veteran ziner with a good contact list from years of zining and running the Chicago zine fest.

Most of the support will most likely come from your own personal network.

If anyone is thinking about doing this, make sure you stay in contact with your supporters especially if your project will take a while to complete. There is nothing worse then not hearing from a Kickstarter after they have taken your money.

As far as running your own campaign, they are all or nothing, so make sure you do not ask for more then you need and remember that kickstarter takes 5% and amazon also takes 5%, plus you have the expenses of fufilling all of your rewards.

Kickstarters are a lot of work, so do not think that we are going to spend an hour setting it up then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Less than half kickstarters meet the minimum goal.

And make sure you have a video




I think like Ricardo says if you don't have some campaign behind you mainly use it to bug the hell out of your friends for donations. We tried (and failed) to do one a while ago for a 500 print run bimonthly, and those that pledged to donate would have done so if we'd approached them in the street, probably. It's easier to have a donate button on your web page I think.

That's...... dissapointing to hear. 

I am doing a campaign on Indiegogo right now. It is for the expansion of the distro and paying for hosting for a year, which doesn't fit very well with Kickstarter's rules-- or I would have gone with Kickstarter.

Indiegogo requires a minimum goal of $500 which I don't get. I wanted to go with something lower-- and  more achievable for my small distro. It sort of makes it look like I can't ever reach my goal :)

I have liked Indiegogo in general-- but my only contributers I think have been folks I know. People aren't finding my campaign or contributing when they "browse" Indiegogo. I think Kickstarter is better for that but I'm not sure.



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