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I'm listed as a fan of Shebang and Fever zine, but I'd like some more to add so I can keep track of some great zines. Has anyone here done one for their zine?

I made one for mine today- it's here

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I joined the group

Harley R. Pageot said:
I have a group, as opposed to a page. It's just 'Yard Sale! zine' but I like being able to use it as a mailing list, essentially.
I just found it handy for collating lots of info together and letting people know when I've got stuff out. My blog tends to be read by different people than I have on facebook. My facebook people are mostly people I know from my hometown, uni, where I live now etc, whereas livejournal/blogger people tend to be international people I met through having similar interests . It doesn't have much point if you've got the same contacts on most sites.
I have one for my art stuff in general


Amber, the way I've done it is I've not asked anyone to specifically become a fan, just mentioned that I have a page in a couple of places. It works out better because I don't like updating my normal FB account all the time in case it annoys my friends, this way people only hear about it if they're actively interested.

I know lots of people use them to do promotional contests and things (although less for zines, more for other arts and crafts)
Yeah I just ask people to join when I first set the page up, and never ask again, because it's annoying to constantly be asked about these things, people are either interested or they're not
I made a MySpace profile for my old zine a while back. I still get occasional friend requests on there but it's not active. I don't have any plans to make a Facebook page for zine projects, partially because I think of Facebook as more of a place for interacting with people I know in real life, and half of those people don't even know I make zines.
I have one for Black Light Diner (my distro), but I rarely remember to post there, pretty much just when I do the bimonthly big "new items" announcement that gets posted all over here, LJ, and the mailing list. This also happened with Twitter. I'm not so sure it's useful as "advertising," although I guess if you want a webpage for your zine or project, and don't want to spend a lot of time coding, Facebook is a good idea. I'm pretty sure nobody has "fanned" it who is not already on my friends list anyway.
I have a Twitter for my distro - I think it's fun and easier to use than a Facebook page. It's also pretty effective.
This. I've actually had to stop even clicking 'Ignore' and just actually ignore it and let the requests pile up, because if I 'Ignore' requests to become a fan of a project or a band or something, they just send me the same requests over and over and over again. I haven't become a 'Fan' of anything via Facebook (except for House Hippos because they're awesome and I get totally nostalgic for Concerned Children's Advertisers commercials) because the updates are a little tedious as it is.

I figure with LJ, Etsy, Facebook, WMZ, and various distros, I'm pretty much covered.

Amber / Culture Slut said:
The thing is, I don't often "become a fan" of my friends' projects simply because I'm already on their friends lists. If I "become a fan", I'm probably just going to receive the same updates twice in a row... I've been asked to "become a fan" of a certain zine project five times this week and every time I click "ignore", I receive the request again the following day.
I made a FB page for mélange, then deleted it once I realised I'd have to maintain it. Now I just have one for all my creative projects :) http://www.sanlive.com/facebook
I rarely use the Facebook page...

However... i use the Twitter more often to announce adding stock, special sales, and also for order tracking:
i think my zines are too new and not very widely distributed to have a fanpage XD


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