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For the "24 Hour Zine Thing" challenge next month, I really want to break from my usual compilation, clean/sparse desktop publishing layout, 100% computer designed format that has become a hallmark of my zine, SYNDICATE PRODUCT.

Therefore, I've decided to do a 24 Hour Zine with the following qualifications:

1. A solo project, not a compilation with contributors.
2. As little use of the computer for layout as possible, although the final pages will be scanned in to arrange them for photocopying and so I can make a PDF for easy copying.
3. Collages to get back in touch with the gluestick.
4. Handwritten text. (I will probably write the thing on the computer, but then transcribe it out longhand for the actual zine.)

My question is, what kind of pens will reproduce best? I don't want to invest in special drawing pens for this, like the kind minicomic creators use. Would a good "gel style" pen like a Pilot G-2 or Uniball Gel Grip work just as well? Planning on doing some samples this weekend - writing out text on paper, scanning it in and then printing or photocopying it.

Any advice, people who do handwritten/handprinted zines?

(And not, this is not a "violation" of the 24 Hour Zine Thing rules... they say it's fine to get your supplies together. And I really have no idea what the zine going to be about, just the materials used to create it.)

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I have some handwritten pages in my new issue of Estrones. I used an ordinary black gel pen and it has photocopied really well. Actually, I think it was a Pilot G2!
pilot g-2 or a fine point sharpie pen. i do a lot of handwriting in my zines and these are my favorites.
Results from test: No perceptible difference between using a Pilot G2, Uniball Gel Grip, or a Sharpie Pen! Did a page in each (just hand copied an old piece), scanned them, printed them out, and no big differences! Will probably just go with the Pilot G2's as they feel better in my hand.

Yeah, I am an office supply geek.

Thanks for all the help!
Pilot V5s are my number one jam - and they last forever!

Monica Anderson said:
Thicker Microns work really well, and they're fairly cheap! Every single one of my issues is handwritten, and they're all made with Microns or Pilot Precise V5s. V5s are backed hard.


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