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hey !

I love cut&paste layout. enveloppe patterns, pictures, negative writings, clippart.
Sometimes there are these nice artwork, half-tone effect pictures. It is made out of a copy-machine ? do you know how to do that ?

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I write about being vegan in a non-friendly area (even if traditional dishes are mostly vegetarian). sometimes I write down reviews or recipes. the issue I'm writing include few stories about living and leaving a town I lived for years, and coming back for a day, to see that nothing has change.

I also write something about internet/social rings killing the poetry of missing connections. well, and few stuff about volunteering/promoting shows to create/support a local (mostly punk) scene.
yeah, and most of these cheese aren't vegetarian at all but this is out of subject.
Pre-Photoshop I used two methods:
For photocopying there was usually a photo option on the copier that did a line screen type of half-tone for you. Only you couldn't do the whole zine in it or the writing would look bad. So I'd do a page full of the photos I'd want to use, usually making it about 15% lighter than I'd want the finished product. Then cut out the photos from that photocopy and glue them into the layout.

I moved from photocopying to offset printing pretty quickly. When I did, I hit up a friend that worked at a newspaper and he would half tone them in their dark room. Fully take a photo of my photo and print it out on a thinner photo paper for layout with a half-tone filter of some sort they used. Then I'd cut and paste them into the layout.

Man, it was always a really big hassle to get the photos to turn out decent, I was so happy to move to scanners, photoshop and doing it electronically.

looking closer to the artwork I did at the office I worked this summer, it's halftone printed.
so, the shittier is your copy machine, the most "effect" you got...


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