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hey !

I love cut&paste layout. enveloppe patterns, pictures, negative writings, clippart.
Sometimes there are these nice artwork, half-tone effect pictures. It is made out of a copy-machine ? do you know how to do that ?

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The only way I know how to do it is from using Photoshop. I make sure the image is greyscale and at 300dpi and use the colour half-tone filter and adjust until you get the result you want.
both covers I show you were made "before" the photoshop era, at least for the cometbus one.
There's a pretty good description of the pre-electronic publishing method of making halftones here

Like Mulnix said, those images were probably half-tone images made by the above method, blown up several times via copy machine.
by blowing up, you mean a copy from a copy from... ?
that setting is on the ones I use too.

so negative and as much as contrast as I can + copy from copy = halftone effect... I will try it tomorow at the copy shop !
OK !

(I didn't understood that I could just show the half-tone, and not making it)
If you enlarge most printed things like newspapers you will find that it is really made up of lots of dots. That's where that effect comes from. Also, I don't think Aaron just used that. He did a lot of things like moving original images on the copier glass as well as those letraset dots. They are like rub-on letters but made up of dots. I had some but used them all. Also trying running images through a copy machine twice.
"le plagiat est nécessaire, le projet l'implique"

Joe Biel said:
Back before photoshop and digital image editing was so standard, it was common for a coffeeshop to have a piece of plastic that was a halftone filter that you would literally place over an image to turn it into dots.

now the machine simulates it itself with the effect that is often just called "photo". if you turn it to the photo setting, it's actually halftoning your image.

then blow it up drastically (rotating its position on the glass 90 degrees each time) and you should get that effect.

but here's the most important thing: imitation is flattering but it's just imitation.

your use of this knowledge is best served to take it somewhere new, rather than copy (har har) what someone else has been doing for 25 years.
it's a quote from lautreamont saying that we need plagiarism to progress.
I didn't get the led zeppelin things.


I wanted to say that I don't want to do the exact copy of this photocopied art things. I wanted to know how to do that to make one on my own.
yeah. I mostly type so...
I use a typewriter. I do not handwrite my zines.



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