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So.  I'm writing and mocking up my first zine, thinking about logistics, supplies, etc.

For various reasons, I'm going with half legal size.  But I'm now having a few problems with basic supplies (and I now see why people in the USA mostly make half letter-sized zines).

I am specifically seeking:

  • legal size paper in any colo(u)r other than white.  (I'm specifically after some a kind of off-yellow but any colour that takes print well would work.  I'm hoping to use this a pull-out centre section.)
  • legal size cardstock for my covers.  (Again, something other than white that takes print well.)
  • envelopes (10.5" x 7.5" seems to be the closest I can get in size to my 8.5" x 7" booklet).

I'm not taking crazy pills, am I?  These things are genuinely quite difficult to come by?  I've tried Staples, Office Depot, and even some high end paper supplies stores but had little success.

I feel a little pitiful for asking such a basic set of questions.  (Hey -- I've gotten my head around Scribus, so cut me some slack.  Errrmmm ... I think I've gotten my head around Scribus. )

Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated!

As will links to any decent suppliers.

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I'm afraid I'm in the same boat. I'm going to print my zine on 1/2 legal so I can trim it down to a standard comic book size but am running into the same problems. Plus it seems legal paper in any other than the standard weight is nonexistent. I'll probably end up using docucopies or moxicopy online, though I'd much rather do my printing locally, or even better, independently. Will post if I come by any breakthroughs, though.

That'd be great--thanks!

I have now managed to get a passable mid-orange ("gold") paper from Staples's "pastels" range -- I plan to use this for a pull-out section in the middle of the 'zine.

Staples also carries cream and ivory cardstocks.  I haven't seen those out of the wrapper yet, I'm afraid.  (And this would be for the cover).

For some reason, I had a really hard time finding these at the same branch a couple of months ago and the staff weren't able to help. Now I have access to actual product numbers, I hope things will go more smoothly in future.

Envelopes, I'm just plain stumped by.  I'm thinking of either:

  • Cutting down a larger envelope ...
  • ... or creating a paper "wrapper" to include when I'm binding the 'zines that will carry addresses and protect the 'zine against the worst excesses of the postal system.  (Sealing the open end of the 'zine with one of those stickers/ invisible tape that I've seen on some booklets--what do people call those things?)

Back to work!



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