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I'd love to get stickers made for my publication...does anyone have any tips on the best place to go? I'm in Toronto (Canada) but in this day and age I'm thinking it'll be an online store...

Or, do you make them yourself? what works/doesn't work?

love to hear any good/bad experiences with STICKERS!!!!

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i've had really good experiences with http://wwws.123stickers.com/ They're cheap, very friendly, and have lots of options for shapes, sizes, and colors.
I use Contagious Graphics for my stickering needs.
i've heard that the stickerguy is good. never tried him out but that reminds me i need to make some damn stickers for bumper sticker ideas i have.

I've always used Stickerguy, Pete was the first indie/punk sticker maker 15 years ago and a zinester to boot. And he refuses to do stickers for major label bands and big corporations.
i've had mixed experiences with Stickerguy. While his product is awesome and never disappoints, i've had to wait a month or 2 a couple times for my order.
i've had 3 designs printed through sticker guy and plan on using them again for my new stuff-it took a while (about 6 weeks)but the stickers are top notch. :)
Yeah, Stickerguy is a bit slow, but they say that up front for smaller runs it can take that long (6 weeks I think is average). Big bulk runs they will do in 2-4 weeks. My guess is they are stacking up a bunch of orders to run all of them on the printing press at once to keep the costs down. Similar to what that zine printer The Small Publisher's Co-op in Florida used to do in the '90s. The Stickerguy's stickers are really high quality vinyl and printed, I've had band stickers from him last on my car for years without fading, cracking or peeling. So for me it's worth the wait for the quality, price and doing it with an ex-zinester who runs their business ethically and DIY vs. a faster lower quality more corporate printer. Kinda the same reason I get buttons made by a local punk girl running her own little business that can take a while but is cheap and DIY vs. a big company that can turn it around faster, but is more corporate and generally more expensive once shipping is factored in. Or why I use a locally owned copy shop over a crappy corporate one like Kinkos or Staples. Or why I use a locally owned printer for band/event flyers over a more corporate one. I like to support DIY/indie/locally-owned types of businesses as much as possible.
I've used JAKprints.com to make stickers for my zine distro and for richmond food not bombs. I think they have pretty reasonable prices and really fast turn around.

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