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I'm new to zine making but just finished two zines with a limited run of 30 each. They are photo zines and I'm pretty proud of them! I was wondering what you guys do about friends asking for copies of limited zines. While I'm not concerned with selling them, it would be nice to sell them and have new people exposed to my work. I may be over thinking this. What do you do when friends ask for a copy of your zine?

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it's really up to you, and whether you can afford to  give them away or not, but I usually give away a couple of copies to my friends.

If they're only a couple of bucks a piece out of your pocket, I say gift them to your friends. It's a compliment that they're interested enough in your work to ask for it, and you can return the favor with your art. You can always make more copies.

Why are they a limited run of 30 each? If it's to increase value via scarcity, that is counter to your goal of exposing new people to your work. If you want to make some money *and* expose your work: make a bigger print run, give judiciously but frequently, and sell freely.

If your 30 run is because you could only afford a run of 30 at this time (I know art zines can be expensive to copy), give a few away this time. Tell the others you only have a few to give away, and that you'll give them one on the next print run you get a chance to do. That might prompt them to realize copies cost money, and offer some cash! Or, you could just tell them you're selling it. It's really up to you.

Congratulations on completing two new zines!

Kari was dead on in that last post.  Also, I always just give my zines away to friends.  I feel like in a way that's why I make a zine, so I can share part of myself with my friends. 

What if you have no freinds :-(



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