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I'm working on the first issue of a perzine and have happy little images of different format possibilites floating through my head. What have been your favorite formats to either work with or read- do you go more for the standard size zines, or mini zines or one-sheet zines or something else entirely?

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I like the super duper duper minis that fit in your pocket
most of the zines i've made have been half (standard) - size, but have started experimenting with quarter (standard) - size. i like reading quarter-size zines because i love how they fit right in my back pocket. i like the look of half-legal size zines as well.
My favorite zine format is quarter-sized, but I tend to play around with formats a lot. More so back in college when I had ample time and no bills, but I still try to vary sizes and shapes. I've done 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/2, full page, one-sided scroll, etc. The zine I am currently working on is going to be 1/2, but running length, not width (so 4.25" x 11"). I don't know how successful it will be, but I've never tried it, which is why I'm doing it now.
wendy lee lynds said:
there is something about "little" that is so darn appealing. something that fits in my hand. it's a visceral thing, i think. they are charming and adorable and somehow *very* precious!

Little is cute, but I find them a pain to read while eating or drinking coffee because you have to constantly flip pages. I like half or full size zines the most, I like a lot of content on a page.
Definitely half size... they are so easy to carry around, mail, and can hold so much content!
A6 quarter-size is my favourite. The proportions are just so lovely. :) That said, I haven't made one of those in a few years now.

At the moment, I really like those one-sheet mini-zines - the ones you make by cutting a slit in the middle and folding it. So cute! ^__^
I'm another who loves 1/4 size. It just feels good in my hands, and looks small and cute, but without being too small to get a decent amount of content on each page.


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