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Just came across an interesting article:

Could Kindle Self-Publishing Spark A Zine Revival?

Kindle together with http://www.zinepal.com could be interesting.

I've included a limited edition print inside my first zine and intend to do the same with future (printed) zines, but I could kind of see also doing a slight variation of a zine as an electronic version -- without the print, and cheaper. (With a page that says: want the print? buy the real zine.)

What do the rest of yez think? Anyone ever make one? Read one? Already planning to shun them in their entirety?

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I have an ipad and downloaded kindle. I read books on my ipad, but funnily enough, I still love buying real books. So I think that I would read zines on the ipad, but I'd also buy paper zines. I don't see why it has to be an either or issue. There's room for both, just as there is room in the world for vinyl records and cds, and itunes downloads.

I don't know how much they'd apply to e-zines on them, but Wikipedia, itself perhaps an Internet-biased source, lists quite a number of downsides to e-readers.  That they're made of extremely toxic materials and are thrown in land-fills by the millions by techno-trendies is just one.

With the closing down of bookstores and scaleback of libraries at unprecedented rates, and the meltdown of the U.S. Post Office (and others all over the world?), the forces that be, seem to be saying *loudly* that we *CAN'T* have it both ways....for long.  That so many "zinesters" blithely seem to think so doesn't seem to jibe with my reality.  If we have both now, we don't have nearly as much of the old tech anymore, unless we're willing to pay big bucks for it, and they're disappearing fast.  For me, that's the big rub.  I wouldn't mind having both, and leaving most of the digital-tech to those who enjoyed it, but that's obviously not the way it's working.  And yes, that depresses me.

I'm not interested in books, zines and mail delivery as cute and quaint art objects and rare sentimental rituals like Xmas cards and sleigh rides, usually for the well-off, but part of an actual communication way that was more engaged AND INDEPENDENT than the homogenized mega-corporate all-controlling matrix that the Internet, bottom-line, REALLY IS.

Technology is *not* neutral.  Most unthinking people are being led by the nose with high-tech flash and dazzle, but when you're hooked, is all this "free stuff" you've been so generously lavished with, going to cost you more and more, as one Kindle after another becomes outdated and incapable of supporting the latest software?

It all smacks of blind, mad consumerism to me.

I've seen how "e-pages" are "flipped".  It...just...doesn't...cut it.  When I turn a real page, I don't always "flip" or "flip through" them.  Often I hold and turn a page, very slowly, back and forth, pausing as often as I like in mid-turn, depending on my level of concentration.  The control I have over a paper page is exceedingly precise and intimately connected with my enjoyment, absorption, rythm and total reading experience.  I sometimes wonder if I mean the same thing as e-book readers when we use the word "read".

Now, you're absolutely right.  People are doing what they want and they have a right to.  But I'm saying what I feel I have to say, and hope I'm giving a little encouragement to the rare few who hear alarm bells when they hear all this Kindle-mania and dismissals that it's not going to affect or diminish the old underground/amateur communication cultures.  Let's all face reality. It already has.



I love my kindle. I love that it's not a tablet, that it's a distraction free, relatively pure reading device. I've never read so much since I've got it!  I don't know if you've messed with a kindle, but there is nothing flash & dazzle about it.

The beauty of books is not what they are printed on or in, but the words that are written in them.  Pride & Prejudice is just as good whether it's an old chewed up high school copy, on my kindle, or one of those over-priced faux-old looking tombs they sell at Barnes & Noble to make you look smarter at your house.  It's still Pride & Prejudice. If kindles, nooks, ipads, etc get people reading more, I'm for it.

Beyond that, much like how social media, bandcamp, etc have led to a seemingly infinite wave of music out there, the kindle has led to an amazing proliferation of authors who now have the ability to get their work out there & be read.  I think taking advantage of this to share your zine is not a bad thing.  Even on tablets.  Having my kindle app on my phone, sharing my zine with a friend while we are out, how awesome is that?  

We are on a massive upswing on a technological S-curve, it's still got a ways to settle out, meaning, yeah, there will be tons of changes, but the old media is still there, I buy records with abandon and play them on my record player & I'm at kinkos making a zine once a month.  But by turning a back to new media and technology, you also turn your back to a lot of amazing artist who are taking advantage of it and sharing amazing works. 



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