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Just came across an interesting article:

Could Kindle Self-Publishing Spark A Zine Revival?

Kindle together with http://www.zinepal.com could be interesting.

I've included a limited edition print inside my first zine and intend to do the same with future (printed) zines, but I could kind of see also doing a slight variation of a zine as an electronic version -- without the print, and cheaper. (With a page that says: want the print? buy the real zine.)

What do the rest of yez think? Anyone ever make one? Read one? Already planning to shun them in their entirety?

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There've been a lot of discussions here on zines vs. e-zines & blogs. Here's just one, which I started (but didn't get many responses to.)


I think I made repeated attempts to get zinepal to work, but never could. One website I visited whose blog entries were cutting off on the right edge when I tried to print them gave me a link to "Readability--An Arc90 Lab Experiment" that was supposed to correct that and clean up extraneouos web-page clutter, but it didn't work for me. (As always, I may go back and tinker with it.)

I confess I've never read a Kindle or the like but I seriously doubt putting zines on it is going to spark a "revival" of "zines". If anything, I suspect it'll just hasten the decline they're already in. Is someone who's comfortable enough reading a zine on Kindle going to bother with printing it out? It seems like those least likely to read a Kindle are the ones most likely to print out a zine on it, so a print-out option on a Kindle seems like it'd border on moot. Also, for many real-zine fans, the entire slow, tedious process of hunting down stamps, stuffing envelopes with cash & gratis zines, etc. is part of process/ritual with its own satisfaction, that "e-mail me's" and "add to carts" "abort".

But, maybe most "zinesters" these days think it'd be a fabulous idea. It'd work great for tech-savvy/skilled/enthusiastic people. It'd be interesting to see some comments.

The tech-speak and discussion of what Kindle actually involves in the below discussion makes me even more hesitant to even try it:




I think you've got to have a lot more savvy and patience with e-technology than I do to read a Kindle.  Jhana4's comments were especially interesting.

Hi, We published an issue of The Flaneur as a kindle download. It was good to see it in another format, as it was when we eventually got the iphone app version working. It means you have potential customers all over the world, but either way it is still hard to convince people to buy it. I think a lot of us like the feel of the paper in our hands, which of course you don't get with a kindle/iphone/etc.  





Thanks for posting that -- I just discovered thru your Amazon link that I can get a free Kindle for Mac app, so I'm going to give it a go.


FWIW, I love paper as much as the next person -- maybe more so :) -- but I'm very comfortable with electronic layout, pdfs, etc, so I think some kind of electronic version of a paper zine would be interesting. Was it here at WMZ I read about Quiet City? It's a self-published short-story collection by an Australian writer...$12 for paper, PDF free in exchange for a tweet. It's an interesting model...

Joseph Delgado said:

e-zines defeat the purpose of zines...why would you want to purchase, or read anything on a screen. the concept of people giving it away free digitally but asking for money for the hard copy is a bit much for my tastes...personally i dont bother with e-zines...


I think what Flaneur said above probably gets to the heart of the matter:

either way it is still hard to convince people to buy it.

I made e-zines before I even knew what a zine was - it's actually how I got into zines. Creating is creating - if you want to make an e-zine, go for it!

I don't know if I've seen any ezines much, but I like the idea if it is a flippable online magazine format, and not just a pdf. To me pdfs are more like newsletters or brochures. It doens't feel like a zine, but totally has a place.  I did make a zine I did once into a pdf. I edited it a bit, but I made it that way becasue I got a lot of people asking me questions about something I posted on a website and it was easier to just send them the pdf.


But, flippable ezines seem way better to me. I really like this online magazine. Yeah, I would totally subscribe if it was reasonable enough and they had it as an option (you can get a paper copy of each magazine for 25.00) but, I'm pretty happy with the online version. But, I don't really read it as much as look at it.


I think making an ezine is well suited to an all color zine, something that has little copy and is big on design, but would be really expensive to copy. I would like to make one one day. It'd be even cooler if you could add audio. Somebody let me know if that exists!

Anyway, I love the paper, obviously, but I can see how there is a total place where ezines would fit in great and not be any threat to paper zines.


As for a Kindle. All you get with that is words, no images. So, it totally takes away any design. To me that isn't a zine at all.


I'm not totally clear on the difference between e-zines and blogs.


I also HATE reading on screens. For things like blogs where there is no paper version (and it would be hard to translate a lot of blogs to paper, unless you utilized full-color printing... MY blog has a lot of illustrations, anyway), I can deal, but I honestly don't see the point of putting out both a paper and an electronic version. And I wouldn't pay for an electronic file. Hell, until this past year I wouldn't pay for downloaded music, I only changed my mind because Amazon started putting up a lot of $5 albums that would have been $12+ in physical format. I've tried Kindles, it is just not something I like. But if other people want to write and read them, that's great!

I'm not sure there's a lot of difference between making a layout electronically or otherwise -- it's still manipulation of type/text and space. And a good layout is a lot of work either way. And last night, playing around with Kindle for Mac, I couldn't imagine putting a zine on that after taking any trouble with layout.

The publications I looked at were either weirdly fragmented or kind of sterile. In one instance, Kindle just disassembled all the columns and kept changing the page breaks. I don't enjoy web design for that reason -- too many variables, and in the end, I would like people to see my pages the way I see them.

Electronically, I'm more intrigued by things like Issu (or things that work like that, anyway). Nice layouts remain nice layouts. Here's a catalog of 19th-century etchings. Purty.

Exactly. that is the only way it is a zine to me. You have to be able to control the layout and the pages in the way you can with any printed item. Did you see the the online magazine I linked to?

I used Yudu to upload a pdf of a catalog at work and it worked great.

As far as spending money, I can't imagine spending money (unless it was very little) for an online zine or magazine.


Also, there is a place called Yudo where you can upl
littleredhen said:

Electronically, I'm more intrigued by things like Issu (or things that work like that, anyway). Nice layouts remain nice layouts. Here's a catalog of 19th-century etchings. Purty.

As a kindle owner (and lover) I've got to say, I love the kindle version of my zine!  Since it only uses the e-ink in a wonderful grayscale, it's a perfect format for getting it out there in a less paper way.  Here's what I do to keep the kindle zine as ziney as my zine (you like that?)


First, I go to print at Kinkos/fedex like normal.  Then I scan the zine in a decent greyscale resolution jpg.  The easiest way to publish on kindle is to upload the zine in a webpage format (i.e. html of the jpgs in order, then zipped up).  Amazon reviews it, then publishes it, and blamo, done.  I put them on my kindle and it's really nice.  I also have the kindle app on my Evo and since I uploaded in b&w jpgs, it's just pages of the images of the pages!


Sold quite a few, though I offer it at a discounted price because you lose the interactivity we put in the zine...  I think I have an image on my tumblr....  Ah, yeah.. here we go (sorry for the sauciness of the photos, we are a nudiezine after all)


Here's zine #2 in paper form (slightly NSFW) - http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.206891593.jpg

and here it is on the kindle & android kindle app (slightly NSFW) - http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lexvkkvIru1qax7m1o1_400.jpg

Sorry, was curious what you guys were thinking, came across this thread, and figured I'd add.  

My shop - http://nudiezine.com

Amazon - http://amzn.to/dYWOHO





I use issuu.com. It's definitely not geared towards zinesters, but it has flip pages and is really easy to use. I like it, but I prefer physical zines.



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