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(Apologies if this has already been discussed, I couldn't find anything through a search.)


I have found myself keeping my zines (un)intentionally "secret" from several of my real life friends - not because I don't want them to read them, but initially because I wasn't sure how to explain zines to them, and now because I have made 5 1/2 issues and fear they may be offended that I didn't let them know about my zines previously (although of course they would be more offended if they found out by some other means other than me telling them).


Has anyone else been in this position? How did you explain your zines to friends (or rather, explain why you didn't tell them about zines sooner - I think I can explain the physical process without issue).


I've thought about leaving some zines lying around when they come over to visit, and seeing whether that sparks their interest in the topic, or just giving them a copy of my latest one and explaining zines alongside it. I'm actually not that bothered whether or not they want to read my zines, I just don't want them to feel I've kept zines from them (even though I have :/).


Or maybe I should just email them the URL of this thread! :)

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If they are offended you haven't told them, then they are a little high strung. :P I'm sorry if that's harsh, but really...


You could always invite them over for some zine making. The way I've been doing it, though, is just saying, "Look what I made! Have one!" Haha. Strange looks that invite a bit of explanation and wham, now they know about zines.


Don't make it about 'keeping zines from them' (because really, do you let all your friends know about every hobby you have?) and just make it fun.

Likely they are dying for you to "come out" about your zines....   they've been hiding their zines from you too!  Possible?



I think you just need to hand them something you made and say "check out what I made." I think it's probably easier to do if it's something you've just finished.

I don't think you really need to "explain zines." I think you can tell them more about zines and zine culture if they're interested, but I think a single zine is pretty self-explanatory.

Don't worry about being awkward about it!  They're your friends, they should be supportive no matter what. The first time I showed one of my zines to my best friend I awkwardly shoved it into his hands and said, "I made this.  It's writing stuff... about my life and things... and I thought you might be interested... because you're my friend..." and then scurried back into the other room. After that first time, everything will be in the open and accessible and you'll feel so much better :)  Or if you're too nervous to show them your zine, share someone elses!  And  then you can casually drop in, "You know, I make one of those... would you like to see?" 


Thanks everyone! I think I'll wait until I've finished the next zine I'm working on and then show it to them. Tbh I don't think they'll be all that interested, it'll be seen as another of my "unusual" hobbies (like embroidery & letter writing...) so I'm probably making it into a bigger deal than it is (which this thread has made me realise, so thanks everyone for helping put my mind at rest!). Star Blanket River Child, I think you've hit the nail on the head, & hopefully my experience of "coming out" about zines to my friends will be just as positive :)



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