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Hey everyone, I'm just getting started and haven't had a lot of exposure to zines. Where would be a good place to get my hands on a lot of different zines cheaply? There's no library collection in my area unless I go into Manhattan and I'd rather support the writers more directly.

Also are computer typeset and printed zines frowned upon or hold any kind of stigma?


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I wouldn't call them frowned upon, at least not by me. It's all a matter of taste, I suppose.

And the cheapest way is definitely trades, if you don't have a library nearby. Even if you don't have your own zine yet, a lot of people (like myself) will accept mail art, cds, whatever. Even buying them directly from the zinester is rarely expensive. We're mostly just trying to cover postage :)
i agree. trades are probably the easiest way to get zines cheaply. you mostly just pay for postage to send them something of equal value right back. sometimes people sell their old old old zines for like a dollar too. you just have to look for them. sometimes on etsy. sometimes other places. sometimes on here. some people also have a zine grab bag with a bunch of zines for about $5. all good ideas. pretty soon, you'll have a ton.
All right, I'm listening.

Zacery / I'm Not Lion said:
Oh my god, I have a tons of zines to recommend for you if you want to go on QZAP and zinelibrary.info.
You can also purchase many zines at one time from zine distros. I run one called Click Clack - http://www.clickclackdistro.com in my links section i list a ton more if you want to look at some others as well.
Hard to find them in Milwaukee....

The science fiction conventions (and fantasy cons and gaming cons, furry cons and anime cons AND mystery cons too) all have dealers tables where they are sold. I HAVE noticed, though, a trend away from xeroxed copies and a shift towards putting them on CD's. The price of a printed zine varied from $5 to $35 (some were over an inch thick) but the CD's range from $2 to $5 that I've seen.
I think I have a couple I've read and am ready to pass on. Message me your mailing address? I'll pop em in the post soonish.


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