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for those of you with an etsy shop and selling zines, how has that worked out for you?
i haven't added new stuff to my shop, because i wasn't getting any sales.. even tho i've bought a hand full of zines from etsy myself..
do alot of your sales come from this site? or do you think most people here trade?

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can someone send me a team zine invite? I'm "macrocosm". I dont have anything posted yet- what's the fee for putting things up?

I try and make an effort to send letters to the people who's zines I read... whats funny is that there are some zines from people in New York or New Orleans- across the country from Seattle- who's zines end up in the zine collection at the library. It's funny.

Maybe you should try reposting? Link?
If you want to join Team Zine send me an Etsy convo here: http://brainscan.etsy.com and I'll get to sending you info when I get home this week.
ok, thanks!
i've been contemplating trying to sell zines on Etsy lately, but i only have one issue of my zine currently out. Has anyone had much luck with a single issue of a zine? or should i wait until i have a few issues out before i start listing them?
Etsy has finally updated their Teams section and we have a new Etsy Team Zine Page! Check it out: Team Zine
i sell on etsy and i do pretty well. i agree that it's nice that people on etsy expect to pay for postage. i make at least enough every month to pay for my fee. any more than that and i'm happy. and i've actually gotten zines to more places in the world than i have anywhere else. i generally prefer to trade in person at shows, so i don't mind the selling emphasis on etsy. i also have made some good friends through my other etsy team, team dark side. so that's good, too.

one thing i would suggest with your listings is to make sure you have very specific tags to increase the chances of people running across your zine in a search. so if you have a zine with a big story about a trip to cambodia, make sure to tag it with topic specific terms like "cambodia" as well as more generic ones like "zine" or "perzine." a lot of people find my stuff with the search term "cthulhu," which makes me happy.

also, if you're interested in trading with people on etsy, just feature that in your store--whether your shop announcement, profile or in your zine description.
I've found etsy to be a really great marketplace but, like everything else, it's what you put into it. Take the time to take some great pictures and text, spend some time in the forums, like some stores, promote it around a bit...it all helps. I've got almost 800 sales over the last two years I've been on etsy.

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