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I've considered setting up an Etsy account for my stuff before but always stop at the first hurdle when I'm asked to remember that Etsy is only for handmade, crafty items. While a certain amount of my stuff could be fairly called hand bound, a fair deal of it is just copied onto nice paper and stapled together. I like to think it has a good aesthetic, and the zines are always very short runs, but is that enough to qualify for Etsy? Are many zines sold on Etsy like mine and are they okay with that? Because if so, I'll set up an account tomorrow. But I don't want to sign up and attempt to trade things on there if they're really inappropriate. What do other zinesters with accounts there think?

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I sell alot of my fanzines on Etsy, I think it helps to get your fanzine around and advertise where to buy it from if you want to make the Etsy experience worth while. Ive been doing my zine for years and only last year did I put it on Etsy, it started off slow on there but has really took off on the site. Its very handy for people who are abroad and want your zine to get it to them or point people to it if theyre interested in your zine.

Necro, I find nothing wrong with you selling on etsy, if it makes more people aware of your work and you're meeting expenses (plus) when doing it, then it's thumbs up all the way. 


Underground is one thing, but many items die in the dark.  You're publishing to have the stuff read, if this is where your market finds you, good job!

Hi there, just joined this site.. Been selling my zine on etsy since December and it's been great!  So, a +1 from me on that one.

Hi Wes! I currently sell my zines through my etsy shop (www.blambert1.etsy.com) with much success! I also have other hand crafted items such as journals and greeting cards, but my zines are by far my best sellers <3


Haven't started selling on etsy or similar yet but am thinking about it (was considering artfire but am not sure now - they don't make it easy to find zines, I keep getting homemade bookmarks & scrapbook albums instead as top matches)

Just seen the flyer for team zine posted here http://www.etsy.com/teams/6488/team-zine/discuss/6671768/page/2/

"fiftysticks says

I made this today. Any comments/suggestions?

bit.ly/mt2m8m "


Would it be okay to include copies with my zine or like an advert in the next copy?


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