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drug/alcohol abuse/addiction and recovery zines? (warning: may be triggering)

WARNING: any or all of the zines mentioned and even this discussion itself MIGHT BE TRIGGERING (related to drug/alcohol abuse/addiction/dependence, recovery, sobriety, etc.).




so someone had posted a discussion about this, but I think it got deleted because I can't seem to find it (I don't know why).


the person who posted the discussion was asking about zines that were about drug abuse and recovery (I think because they had a friend who was abusing drugs or something).


even though the old discussion seems to be gone (if it's not, please point me to it and I'll post there instead), I figured it's a good thing to talk about and that it would be nice to post suggestions for zines about drug abuse, alcohol abuse/addiction/dependence, recovery, sobriety, etc. here.


even zines about quitting smoking or chewing tobacco or quitting caffeine are welcome, too, although not as preferred.


this is not for recreational or religious or cultural drug use/experiences, stories, etc. in zines where the drug is not being abused (for example, a story about a person getting high from bong hits and then doing stuff in a zine should not be posted here - you can make a different discussion for that. this thread is for helping those with alcohol/drug problems).




so here are some I found today that talk about drug/alcohol abuse/addiction/dependence, recovery, sobriety, etc. (although I cannot personally vouch for any of them yet, I'm just going off descriptions on distros, although I did buy the second one, the Alabama Grrrl #9/Love Letters to Monsters #3 split, recently):


-Alabama Grrrl #9/Love Letters to Monsters #3 split zine by Ailecia (Alabama Grrrl) and Ciara (Love Letters to Monsters)

(also known as Love Letters to Monsters #3/Alabama Grrrl #9)

(found at Black Light Diner DistroClick Clack DistroFalse Start DistroMarching Stars DistroTake Care Zine DistroThings You Say DistroVampire Sushi Distro)

(about a friend's drug-related death)


-Doris #25 by Cindy Crabb

(found at Cindy's Riot Grrr Distro, also at False Start DistroFight Boredom DistroMarching Stars DistroTake Care Zine Distro)

(about alcohol addiction and giving up alcohol)


-High on Burning Photographs #4 by Ocean

(found at Black Light Diner Distro, Fight Boredom DistroMarching Stars DistroTake Care Zine Distro)

(about alcoholism and giving up alcohol)


-Licking Stars Off Ceilings #17 by Clementine Cannibal

(found at Clementine's site catalog and at Sweet Candy Distro)

(about sobriety)


-Mrs. Noggle #14 by Jolie

(found at Jolie's Etsy shop and at Sweet Candy Distro)

(about alcohol addiction)


-Regeneration #7 by Ashlee

(found at Marching Stars DistroSweet Candy Distro)

(about substance abuse/addiction)


-Sub Rosa #6 by Taryn Hipp

(found at Click Clack Distro, Sweet Candy DistroThings You Say Distro)

(about drinking too much and turning to sobriety)


-Towards a Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle by Nick

(found at Riot Grrr Distro, currently out of stock)

(about intoxication and problems arising from it, sober spaces)


-You Don't Get There From Here #11 by Carrie

(found at Black Light Diner Distro)

(about alcohol dependence)

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i have several issues of my zine that deal with trying to overcome drug abuse. i have one that will be ready in a couple of weeks regarding my last 13 months of sobriety: "adorn" #21



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