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Would anyone be interested in reading or contributing to a Doctor Who fanzine? I have contacted a few people about this, but I'm really looking to get a start on it. 


It will probably focus mostly on the new series, but include info/essays on the old series as well. Let me know by posting here or sending me a PM :)


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i don't know if i'd manage to come up with a contribution but i'd definitely be interested in reading it!

i've been experiencing some serious withdrawals since 'good man goes to war'. i'll put my thinking fez on,  (fezzes are cool) and pass the message around


xx tukru

I might be interested in contributing. Would you be open to comics?
Absolutely! Comics would be fantastic.
This would be awesome! We just went on a Doctor Who bike ride in Portland that ended in a Doctor Who quiz at a pub. We won thanks to my DW obsessed beau.

Count me in! What timeframe are you looking for as far as contributions are concerned? I will probably write a nice long rant about the creepiness of <SPOILER> being <SPOILER> and <SPOILER>'s kid, with a smattering of Moffat's offscreen misogynist moments thrown in for good measure. 

I'd love to read and contribute to this zine... are there any guidelines I should know? What's the deadline?

I don't have a deadline yet because I just wanted to see what the interest was first. The only guidelines are for artwork - I plan to make the zine half size (8.5x11 paper folded in half), so just make sure it fits. I'm looking for anything at this point - essays, critiques, episode reviews, comics, fanfic...really, whatever you want - as long as it has to do with Doctor Who. Also, I would like to focus on the new series for the most part, as that is what I'm most familiar with - but I'll accept submissions about the old DW eps as well.


I'll work on adding everyone to a list and then I'll send out e-mails with more information, like deadlines and any other guidelines I can think of. I'd like to make this a regular fanzine, maybe coming out three times a year, so there will also be a need for more submissions in the future!


Thanks for responding, everyone. I'm really excited about this!

I'm keen, love Doctor Who!


Chiming in to say that I'd definitely be interested in contributing! I hope I'm not too late.
I'm afraid I can't contribute but my best friend is a HUGE Dr. Who/David Tennant fan and I would totally buy this for her.
ok if I plug this (link to this thread) on another forum (Dr Who related)?
Sure! Anyone who is interested in contributing, just e-mail me here: erin [at] thingsyousaydistro.com


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