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Would anyone be interested in reading or contributing to a Doctor Who fanzine? I have contacted a few people about this, but I'm really looking to get a start on it. 


It will probably focus mostly on the new series, but include info/essays on the old series as well. Let me know by posting here or sending me a PM :)


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Is this still happening?

I doubt it - I submitted something almost 2 yrs ago and never heard back. 

Did you ever publish this? I'd be interested in reading it!

Sure, I'd probably read it.

Tom Baker was the BEST Doctor, IMHO.

Although, Dave Tennant and Matt Smith come close

Oh, this discussion is three years old.


I'd like to contribute some ATCs I've created in the past if that is okay. I'm only new to the zine scene and currently working on my first zine ever!

Ah...yeah, it's an old thread. My bad. But if it does go ahead, please let me know. I'd love to contribute.

Ok, so it seems the project originally posted here isn't happening, but is anybody else interested in editing a Who zine?  It seems there's a lot of interest.  I'd contribute for sure!

If anybody doubts my Who cred, I'd have you know that I've knit myself a 4th doctor scarf!

Would you like a jelly baby?

Darn, nobody ended up getting their stuff put into this thing? It was a GREAT idea!  I've got a comic for it too, but with the momentum dead at the moment....

Anyone else want to jump in and give it a try?  I've got too much on my plate already to be able to do it up right.

I wouldn't mind saying I'll step up and do it, but I've only just started with zines, and only just made my first today. So I wouldn't really know what to do or how to go about it. But I don't mind helping someone else in getting it organised. Might help me work collabs later on.

Oh god..........I remember watching him on Dr. Who when the episodes first came out.  That makes me feel so OLD!  I got a little bean bag dragon at a local sf convention back then that had his scarf and hat as decoration back in the day. It's still in one of my dresser drawers.

I recently made a little zine called 'The Fire Maker,' named after a William Hartnell Who episode. I'm just getting started again after a long time so I feel unable to start a Who zine from scratch, but would definitely be interested in contributing or collaborating on someone else's project.

Hey guys,

I just saw this thread, or I'd've weighed in earlier. My buddy Jarod (Bien Vestido Press) put together a Dr. Who comp zine a few months ago. Here's a link to an Etsy for it. I have an essay in there about how you can decipher what society was afraid of in a certain decade based on the prominent villains!



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