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Hey everyone.


Since I'm new to the whole zine thing, i was wondering how one would create a new zine fest. there aren't a lot in my area currently (I tend to find out..after they've happened D:). I'm thinking of featuring a zine section to a school event, but am really interested in hosting my own.


Any tips, advice

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There are a lot of threads already covering this. If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them, I don't have time at the moment to go everything and I don't want to be pointing out whats already obvious to you! There are a lot of zine fets organisers on here, there's even a group so you should get plenty of support.
I didn't realise there were threads already discussing this.
thankyou Stephanos
If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!
-Derek Neuland
I was just wondering how you get permission to hold it in the venue, generating interest and tables etc .
And thanks for responding Derek
It's A LOT of work - and it's mostly not fun and extremely stressful. However - the end benefit is very much worth it and the fest is SUPER fun. It takes several months of planning and regular meetings (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly as the fest gets closer) for the Richmond Zine Fest to happen. For the past few years we have had a core group of 4 to 5 organizers who plan out everything.

Where do you live, Race?
I live in Australia.
I was thinkning of running a small zine stall at a school event so I can distro without having to go too hardout. Just something chill with snacks and stuff.
Every time I see Richmond I think the person is in Aus ...but they're not :(
And thanks for the reply, Nicole
like Ellie said, just ask around at different places and propose your idea. Some places like schools and community centers may give you the space for free if they don't have anything planned and like your idea. Just make sure you have a good plan before you approach a potential venue. It's best to know what you plan on doing so you can explain it all to them and be able to answer all questions they may have.

-Derek Neuland

Race said:
I was just wondering how you get permission to hold it in the venue, generating interest and tables etc .
And thanks for responding Derek
I'm already involved in the planning of the school event anyway, so it should be okay.
Thanks for pointing that out, Derek. Everytime I've mentioned it without having a defnite plan, it sounds really unproffessional. :S
What I'm thinking is selling zines and felties (which I have yet to make) and some cake or nicely baked things. One of my friends has already agreed to help me :)
Is it cool to sell second hand books at zine stalls? Or is it too ambitious to have all this stuff going on?
Thankyou again
I'm seen new books for sale at zine tables, but they're generally books that thematically have to do with the same things as what the table's zines are about (like a queer zine group having some queer books or an anarchist zine group having some anarchist books). I'm not sure if I've ever seen second hand books. Plenty of people sell things that aren't zines along with zines, but it does take some of the focus off the zines. It just depends what you're interested in doing.
Ahh. I see.
I'm planning on donating half of what I make to a mental health charity (and needed to get rid of some books, my Mum isn't happy because I have so many).
A theme would work better, I agree.
Thanks Dan
Cds and tapes sound pretty wicked. It'd help people get into the stuff you're talking about
If I did that, someone would ahve to show me how, cause I have no idea.

....I might get some CDs or something of a band some of my friends have made. I love their sound. And when I finally put some stuff together, something of mine, if I can be that brave.



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