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As a kid, the first zine I ever participate (and ever read) was photocopied at the town-hall office. We were a no-benefit show promoter (wich sometimes raise public funds in france) and we run a music-distro so we made a fanzine from 2000 to 2006 to promote our shows, a little catalog of the distros, a lot of interviews, reviews, essays... It was copied on the "Department for Culture and Entertainment" of the town-hall, so we never paid for the printings and we made from 200 to 600 copies I guess. I didn't remember, all I know is that : it was free. (and this is how I discover the zines).

When I first wanted to do one by myself, I found that copiers around are truly expensive (€.10 per copy, at least), and I never want to put ads on it so I forgot till I moved to a biggest town, and copy-shop who provides copies from €.04 to €.03 wich is cheaper, and better because they're to busy, so you can copy it all by yourself (but it is pre-paid cards so you can't steal any copies...)

Well, how expensive are your copies in the places you live ? How much do you pay for it ? Can you still steal some of it to reduce the cost ?

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i used to get 5 cents a page at my old university. I also got 500 pages of computer printing they give you each semester, so I utilized that. Its worth checking out a school near you.
Portland, OR's IPRC has two copiers, and they charge 5 cents a side for members, with an annual membership fee of $45 minimum. I can't imagine making less than 5000 copies in a year, and at that benchmark, pushes the cost of copies up to a measly 5.9 cents a side. Take that in the gullet, Kinko's.

That being said, I still wanna see some nerdy kids make a hack zine for the Kinko's cards. I may have to do it myself.....
I went to Office Works yesterday (Australia/Sydney) and b&w copies are 6 cents per page (so 12c for double sided page). colour prints are 90cents pp - ouch! you use a pre-paid copy card which you can buy in the shop for $1, which gives you an initial $1 to spend so the card is free.

needless to say do your test prints in b&w if you're doing colour zine or you'll waste a lot of $ making sure the copier settings are correct (but I'm sure you all know this anyway)
that would be cool !

DruglessxF said:
That being said, I still wanna see some nerdy kids make a hack zine for the Kinko's cards. I may have to do it myself.....
Do you guys ever talk to a local printer about doing it? I used to always find it a lot cheaper contact a bunch of local printers and ask for bids for the job, plus they would have machines that collate, fold and staple it.
5 cents 8.5x11 at UPS/MAILBOX here in port angeles...(FRI)
29 cents for color...8.5x11...(any day)

i produce 20 copies and then go on to
the next zine...why beat a dead horse??

takes about 5 weeks to receive/mail out 20 zines...networking
wemakezines and others...through hyperlinks

in those 5 weeks i have already made a new zine + done about
20 pieces of mail-art...atc-ees...collage...altered postcard...etcetera

jeffrey bennington grindley said:
i find 9 cents per copy is standard here. At one place the price goes down the more you print, i figured if i decided to print 60 copies it was going to be 75 bucks but if i print 100 its 1001 bucks! i havent produced this quantity but it seems like the way to go when ready or able......more is less? i use the work copier for small runs here and there......and my laserprinter actually works really well, i scan the pages into the computer then print out the (even pages 1st) pdf document. I then flip them over and run them through the printer again(odd pages). Its a bit of a process but it works well again for small runs. :)
you only produce 20 copies of your zine ?
I use the print shop at the university where I work and it costs 9 cents for a double-sided copy. Plus they have machines that can collate, staple and fold them if they are half-sized. I've heard other people state that university print shops are the cheapest in their area.
my university don't have it's own printer. they use another company to provide them copiers. This company is the cheapest around.
i currently have a corporate sugardaddy so i have access to some really nice copying. unfortunately, it has decided to cut costs by using a key code on the color laser copier, which i was using to print on metallic papers for my issues with robots and king ghidorah on the cover. so no more metallic covers for a while. btw, color copiers make really nice flats with less "stepping" in drawn curved lines than b/w copiers.

when i don't use the coporate sugardaddy, i go to 3.5 cent (CA) a side copy shop that has really nice blacks. most of the other copyshops around it are 3 cents a side. and when i'm copying reference material at the toronto reference library, i'll sometimes use one of their color copiers for a set of black and white images because the images come out cleaner. that's about $1(CA).
i'd just use my own photocopier/printer. :). but...it does cost in ink...and that's only school work i print off really. Ink goes fast :(
i go to a printer called, "the copy place" on spadina south of bloor. it's next to the beer store. there's a 3 cent place just south of bloor on the west side. that one's downstairs.



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