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How do you call a zine with comics / comic stories? Comic zine, small press comic, something else?
In wikipedia, I read that the term "small press comic" emerged in the Uk in early '80s in order to distinguish self-published comics from zines about comics. Has this term the same meaning in the US, too?


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I have done text zines and diary comics zines. I called them both zines.

I think some zine folks see a difference between zines and comics, but I don't.

I have seen people like Jeffery Brown, John Porcellino and other's who are know for diary, autobiography comics, table at the Chicago Zine fest, and I was first inspired to make zines with the diary split comics of Clutch and Nicole Georges when I saw their work at the Portland Zine Symposium.

Not sure how it work in the UK. In the US we have small press expose for indie comics. 


Yes, I think Small Press Comic would indicate someone publishing their comics in a pamphlet format, a comic zine - to me - would be something with articles added to it and the comics as only part of the whole, not the main purpose of the publication.

we usually use the term Comic Zine or Comix

While Bobby thinks it's a waste of time, the rest of us know that anything we really enjoy doing is never a waste of time.

Of course Elaine :)

Well, you were pretty succinct when you said "I would also call it "a waste of time"!" and didn't elaborate.  Especially with the exclamation mark.  What are we to think when we read that?  Outside of the fact you're pretty emphatic about it being wasted time?

I love doing small press comics, the people I've sold my stuff to have enjoyed it too, I was selling at an outdoor event and saw several sitting under trees reading them, LAUGHING as they read them, totally engrossed in what they were reading.  I did make a connection to those people.


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