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Collaboration (mostly literary) zine. Anyone want to participate?

So, I was thinking... because I know that a lot of us have half finished projects that we do not know how to finish/have already forgotten about/ still waiting for a "eureka moment" to continue, maybe we can collaborate...

what do you guys think?

I was thinking that someone can start the story, then depending on how many would want to participate, we all contribute to the story(without really consulting each other on what to write next... so the end result would be something really unpredictable for everyone) such that we pass the document around until we finish the story... we can either write X number of paragraphs each or a chapter each, and then give the document to the next participant, etc.

Anyone interested? Oh cmon, you know it's going to be fun!

Suggestions are totally welcome :)

(i got the idea from an exercise that our guild usually do, except that we each start our story with a sentence or two, then we fold the paper before passing it to the next person in the circle, such that the next person will see only the last few words... then s/he makes up what will happen next solely based from the few words that she is able to see... the end result is usually a totally random but awesome story--think I am the walrus by the beatles)

for more info, you can also check my site

and when you decide to participate, just click this and fill out the form.

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ive tried this before and it was an interesting adventure - although that was just back and forth - i'll have a look at the site
done. now i'll wait and see what happens :)
awesome awesome! i'll be waiting til late tomorrow (around midnight central time) to see if anyone else wants to sign up. i'll be following up with those who wanted to join but has not officially signed up yet... then determine how to start and who/what happens next etc, etc. by saturday. :)

kami said:
done. now i'll wait and see what happens :)



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