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Who's going to be there? When are you arriving? What are you most excited about?


I'm taking the Amtrak Empire Builder from Portland (with my podcast co-host Alex), getting in on Thursday afternoon.

I'm really excited about the train ride there, because I love riding trains, and recording a podcast/doing other nerdy zine stuff on the train.

As far as CZF, i'm excited to see Aaron Cometbus speak, the other zine readings on Friday, Zinester's Karaoke should be hilarious, seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the zine organizers event (ZOE!), and hopefully catch Cindy Crabb's workshop and some of Eric Ayotte's film fest.  Most of all, i'm really excited to hang out with friends, old and new, and meet lots of new zinesters and trade for lots of new zines.  There's a lot more i'm excited about, but that will do for now.

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I'll be there! I'm coming in early Thursday afternoon from Pittsburgh.

I am excited to: eat vegan Chicago style pizza, hear Aaron Cometbus speak, meet my the pets of my friends living in chicago (hi rover! hi bum!), hang out with Canada's best zinesters, meet zine friends from Portland, Chicago, and the great white north, trade zines with pals, hang out with my brother and our friends who will coincidentally be in Chicago the same weekend from Columbus for the Godspeed show, enjoy being on an airplane by myself for the first time in a couple years, and hand out 34 different mixtapes i made for CZF.

And have a super fun slumber party! :)

Photobooths! I forgot about those :)


I hate to burst your vegan milkshake bubble Amber, but earwax sadly closed last month :(  I too was looking forward to getting a vegan milkshake from there.

!!!!!  WHAT? that rules!
we will get the best vegan milkshakes, and then go across the street to the record store to the photo booth!

I'll be there for the exhibition on Saturday, driving in from Northwest Indiana sometime in the late morning! I may check out what's going on Friday night after work if I can.


I'm just excited to meet all the people whose zines I've been reading and enjoying so much for the past year. Hoping to do a lot of trading, purchasing, and talking with everyone I meet. There were so many fun, wonderful people there last year, and making new friends is always amazing.


See you all there!

I'm going to be there! I am going to be taking the train from the north edge of Chicago that morning! I am most excited about the one page zines workshop I'm leading!

i'll be there =0)


hopefully with THREE new zines, if i can get my act together, and squeeze in zine production with all this czf organizational stuff. 


can't wait to see y'all! 


i'm excited to get an earwax milkshake. i feel like them closing and re-opening was some bizarre publicity stunt. that place was always packed and couldn't have been hurting, unless they closed for financial reasons outside of the restaurant, and then realized they were making a sacrifice that wasn't worth it in closing the restaurant as a solution? who knows. the menu overhaul is much much need. food there is very hit or miss. milkshakes are the best in the city though.


check out other walkable food recommendations on the czf forum and make your own suggestions if you've got em! 



amber, i'm excited to see that Vivian Maier exhibit. i haven't made it down there yet but i've only heard good things.

oh cool! i know we're talking about a big brunch at leslie and neil's house that will be open to anyone, and then possibly kickball but i honestly hate kickball so if i didn't go to just hang out then sunday afternoon would be free.


Amber / Culture Slut said:

Closing and re-opening all in a week does seem pretty bizarre. I've only been once so I can't speak to the quality of their menu, but I do know that I enjoyed it last time! I remember liking the food and beer at Handlebar, too.

I'm hoping to work out a group excursion to the Maier exhibit on Sunday afternoon, so far we've got myself, Maranda, Heather Colby and J Bee. You should join us!

you know ill be there.
mostly the same old zines, though
i am excited to meet with the ZOE peeps

I am hopefully going to be there, I live in Michigan about 3 hours from Illinois, and I take the train down there a few times a year, and my mom is still indecisive about this being one of those times...But we'll see, if I do go I will be leaving late Friday.
what more of a reason for a parent than a literature and arts fest!
Yeah, but my grades in school this year haven't been so hot, so she is pretty iffy about the whole thing...


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