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so... it's been foreverrrr since i started this. (have only gotten 1/3 back yet, btw)


background story:

about 2 years ago i collected a list of names and addresses of people who were interested in creating a "chain zine". i made a blank booklet of pages and picked a theme for the first person to base their page on. before that person sent the booklet on, they picked a theme for the next person and it continued from there. everyone filled their page with art, writing, collage, needle and thread, etc... 


for those who were part of it (at least the first zine so far), ive put together a mini site for the pages today/last night. I had originally planned to combine all three zines together into one and get it copied and sent out, but.. since it's taking so long, i figured i'll just get them up there online for everyone.



if you weren't part of this before but would like to be, email me and maybe we can get together a list of some people and add to the "e-chain zine" by email instead of snail mail.

ilikethestart @ yahoo.com

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I am so happy to see this!  It's practically like a time capsule by now hahaha.  Thanks so much for posting it!  What a journey it had.

(I'm pretty sure I know what happened to #3, at least I think it was #3, I never saw it- if I remember correctly, a year ago or so it was sent to my old address but it wasn't held on to until I went back home to visit as it wasn't addressed to my real name.  Sorry about that, I have no idea why it ended up there, I wasn't even part of that one.)

a time capsule.. haha pretty much.


and yea, 3 is like, cursed. haha. started over like, 3 or 4 times now. it's been with a friend in pennsylvania for a while now. 2 is sooo close to being done. just waiting for the last person to finish (or start maybe) their page.

that's so exciting!  about 2 at least, poor number 3.  thanks so much for keeping track of this, it was so cool to look through it this morning :)

glad you had fun looking through it!



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