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I want to make a zine about artists and their art. If you may be interested, send me your "biography", so-to-speak. Talk about your art, your favorite medium(s) to use, your muse, if you have sold any art, your website, etc, etc. Feel free to add samples of your art (something that would look okay when printed in b&w) or a photo of yourself. By sending me your work, you are giving me permission to reproduce it in this zine only.

You do not have to be familiar with zines to participate!

Each artist will have 1x 1/2 sized page, portrait layout. (8 1/4" x 5 1/4"; 21cm x 13.5cm - leave a border for photocopying edits) Make up your own page, layout, style, etc.

This is basically free advertisement for you!
Submissions are to be mailed by July 31st.

Message me, when you are ready to mail& I will send along my snail mail address.
If you wanted to send a couple bucks to help with the publishing and sending out copies to all participants, that would be awsome, but not required.

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Excellent, I will whip something up in the minutes I have between my part time (thank goodness!) job, the two poetry classes I'm teaching this week, the 24 Hour Zine Thing this weekend, and the huge art project I currently have underway (due July 26).

You know, when people ask me about writer's block or how I come up with ideas, I just don't know what to say. I figure I will be doing well if I get half the things I want to do done before I die. Seriously...

Jenny Archibald said:
YES!!! I'm still looking for submissions!!!

Chantel G. said:
Jenny, are you still working on this project? I still want to submit, but wanted to make sure it's still on before I write something and design a page.
Goodstuff, e-mail me your address at deadbeat74@hotmail.com

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going.
just emailed both of you!
My computer is being weird and not letting me send you an email through this site, so I am just going to post what I was going to send to you:

I just finished writing the piece for your artist zine. I will proofread/revise tomorrow and do the layout. Where should I send it when it is all done (tomorrow, or hopefully, no later than Thursday)?

Can't wait to see this zine! I love the look when a bunch of different folks do their own layout, then it all gets put together in one zine.

all the best,
Hi Jenny! I mailed off my submission today. It *should* get there by the end of the month! I wasn't able to send you any $ to help out with printing costs, but I did include a copy of my zine "Gestalt and Pepper" along with some MUST microzines and other various things. Hope you enjoy it all!
I mailed off my submission today too. I hope it gets there soon.
I'd LOVE for you to contribute something, PA!!! We need more artistic people out there who does more than just painting scenery and stuff... Make up your layout, say whatever you want, and mail 'er to me!!

Paranoid Android said:
I can't think too much right now. but i'd definately be interested. I think things are art that most people wouldn't, I do lots of different things. and I don't base anything on any fucking mediums I do whatever the hell I feel is right. I have no certain style, types, or anything like that. I go with the flow of my creative mind. and fuck using expensive art equipment like pens and paintbrushes, paper, etc! I'll get the cheapest thing I can find and make it work. I could write something maybe better out, haha. you could also ask me any questions, and I'd scan some of my work. not sayin' its what people considered artistic and awesome. but i like it. let me know gal :)
I just wanted to update everyone: I have received all submissions now, and am putting the zine together as well as comming up with a cover. I will be copying, then binding, then mailing within the next few weeks. thanks!
I am in the process of moving, so if you aren't at the point of mailing out copies this week, could you hold onto my copy until I get settled in with an address? I'll keep you posted.

JennyTheArtist said:
I just wanted to update everyone: I have received all submissions now, and am putting the zine together as well as comming up with a cover. I will be copying, then binding, then mailing within the next few weeks. thanks!
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!



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