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I want to make a zine about artists and their art. If you may be interested, send me your "biography", so-to-speak. Talk about your art, your favorite medium(s) to use, your muse, if you have sold any art, your website, etc, etc. Feel free to add samples of your art (something that would look okay when printed in b&w) or a photo of yourself. By sending me your work, you are giving me permission to reproduce it in this zine only.

You do not have to be familiar with zines to participate!

Each artist will have 1x 1/2 sized page, portrait layout. (8 1/4" x 5 1/4"; 21cm x 13.5cm - leave a border for photocopying edits) Make up your own page, layout, style, etc.

This is basically free advertisement for you!
Submissions are to be mailed by July 31st.

Message me, when you are ready to mail& I will send along my snail mail address.
If you wanted to send a couple bucks to help with the publishing and sending out copies to all participants, that would be awsome, but not required.

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I am interested in participating, but think I need to finish some other projects before I start anything new. (I have a terrible habit of starting new things before finishing projects that are only halfway--or less--finished.) What is your deadline for submissions? Do you have a word/space limit for submissions?
I was thinking a full spread for each artist 2x1/2 sizes. And a deadline of...July 31st, 2009.
I think I can get something done by July 31. I am having a do-it-myself writing retreat at the end of May, so this can be one of my projects. Maybe I'll even get it done before then. I really want to stay up all night writing RIGHT NOW, but I am going to fight that desire.
Hi Jenny
I would like to contribute to this idea
My website is here
I create a zine called 'H'...it is a mini graphic novel style zine heavy on the illustration side of things

email me here ( c_mujook@yahoo.com.au ) to get artist profile/bio + statement and some images
emailed you Filka!
anyone else??
Yes, comic art would be great, too!
this sounds like a cool project. interested as well. =D either in participating, or seeing it when it's finished.
will email. xox
I am interested! i will email you soon-ish when i finish my current project. the best of luck in putting this whole thing together! :) i think it is a wonderful idea
yep! i'd sure be interested in being part of your"artists zine". am new to the community (heck, new to even knowing what a "zine" was until a few weeks ago!!) and have yet to actually make one, but i am kicking things around in my head, have done alayout on the computer and will make some b4 going to one day at the portland zine sym in july.........so, yes! i would love to participate in your art zine. plz let me know where to send the material, gal!! thanks for the opportunity! xoxox wendy lee lynds
Sorry, ericnboyd, I'm not on MySpace at all.... Any subject is fine, just no x-rated stuff. Artistic nudes are okay! Looking forward to seeing what you'll send!

ericnboyd said:
That's a grand idea, nice to see someone giving support to artists.

Only because I am in the process of moving will I wait to submit something to your project but the deadline is definitely within my time-frame. I'll message you in awhile, so thanks for offering this, sounds good.

I do have 2 pieces posted on myspace currently @: myspace.com/mrericnboyd.

However, my profile is set to private, so if you'd like to take a peek, please send a friend request. That applies to anyone reading this, and I support zines on myspace, so all zinesters are welcome!

I do apologize for having it set to private, but someone hacked and phished my account and several of my friends, literally just yesterday, so I had to change my settings. Please don't be put off by me having it set to private, the odds are really good I'll accept your friend request if you message with your request. Thanks.

I will upload more pieces there soon and here as well.

Other than size requirements, are there any other do's or don'ts pertaining to the art, in terms of subject matter?



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